What is the best value for your vacation?


What is the best value for your vacation? Is it always the cheapest? Not really! Here’s why:

If you are a person who values the amenities of a Sheraton hotel, you will not be happy in a Days Inn hotel even though it is 1ess expensive. If we send you to that budget hotel you will come back and tell us how unhappy you were simply because it’s not what you’re use to. Yes, you’ll pay more but it’s worth it. Amenities can make or break a trip, if you are used to a certain level of comfort, you need to maintain that on your trip. It USUALLY IS the little things that ruin the trip.

The lowest price advertised for a cruise is usually for the upper and lower berths on the bottom deck of the cruise ship. Is this the cabin you really want? Wouldn’t you prefer one of the upper cabins with a window or verandah so you can see out? I know I would. People tell me: “Oh we won’t be in the cabin much, it doesn’t matter if it has windows.” Well, yes it really does. Had they considered that they’re not in the cabin much because they don’t like the darkness of the cabin? Upgrading to a cabin with a window or verandah is not that much more expensive and you’ll enjoy your cruise a lot more.

While we’re not advocating the Best Value as the cheapest travel vacation, neither are we into wasting our clients’ money. Once the type of vacation package has been decided upon, we call several of our suppliers to see if there’s better pricing. Sometimes we find some awesome deals.

So what is the best value for your vacation? It’s simple… The accommodations and extra inclusions which will make your vacation the most comfortable and pleasant for you!