Vietnam Hotels – Old Quarter of Hanoi


Vietnam is home to a varied variety of attractions. The country is one of the most favorite destinations with discerning travelers. There are a huge number of excellent sights and sounds that make for an exceedingly rewarding destination.

There are a great number of Vietnam hotels that offer cheap accommodation as well as a good degree of comfort and a reasonable number of facilities. Moreover, the dollar goes a good way here, so you certainly will not have much of a difficult in terms of finding cheap Vietnam hotels.


Hanoi is one of the most fascinating destinations in Vietnam. The capital city is a fascinating mix of the old and new, with a range of attractions. Do not miss a visit to the Old Quarter area of the city by any means, there are a great number of sights here that are simply filled with charm. The Old Quarter area has thirty six streets, all of which had special items to sell in the olden times.

Old Quarter is also where you can find some extremely cheap Vietnam hotels in the city of Hanoi. There are a great number of advantages to staying in this area, other than the cheaper pricing. The area is close to main attractions in Hanoi such as the One Pillar pagoda, Van Mieu (temple of literature), Ho Chi Minh complex, Ngoc Son temple and the Hoan Kiem Lake. And of course, there is the Old Quarter itself.


The Old Quarter has a number of Vietnam hotels that are extremely cheap, in fact, as much as $ 25 – $ 35 per night. Although the facilities may not match that of a five star hotel, the service and the comfort probably will, since these hotels are decent and well established accommodations.

The main hotels that are popular with budget travelers are the Mike Hanoi hotel, Allura hotel, Hanoi Hotel, Maison D Hanova, Bach Tung Diep hotel, Hanoi Lucky Hotel and more.

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