Vacation Packages To Hotels In Palm Beach Aruba


Attractions of Caribbean region are irresistible, and as a result many of the islands settled there are “invaded” yearly by millions of tourists seeking for relaxation on gorgeous beaches bathed by foamy waves of tropical seas…There are many popular holiday destinations like Bahamas, Jamaica and others, but one of the best vacation places is frequently overlooked.

This is Aruba, a small piece of land located close to South America, part of Leeward Antilles (together with Bonaire and Curaçao), the southernmost chain of the Lesser Antilles. Even if it lies in Caribbean Sea, Aruba is an autonomous region of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, so it is actually part of European Union! Maybe Aruba is not the first destination that comes in mind of tourists when looking for Caribbean deals, still it is very popular on the international travel scene and renowned as a tourist site where can be taken delight in convenient all inclusive vacations provided by tranquil beach resorts. Hotels in Aruba belong to the most exclusive lodgings in the region and this thing is a consequence of the fact that there were developed numerous beach resorts, which are in keen competition to attract more guests. This harsh struggle is the reason why most hotels in Aruba feature deluxe amenities, casino, high skilled staffs and numerous leisure facilities at no extra charge! Also, most upscale resorts provide attractive travel deals and extremely rewarding all inclusive vacation packages.

Due to the geographical location near the coastline of South America, Aruba is situated outside of the hurricane belt and has a dry and arid climate, very unusual for the Caribbean region. The surface of the island is mostly flat, the beaches have a specific white sand and are shaded by waving palm trees, and consequently there are ideal conditions for developing resort complexes. In fact, almost the entire island is a holiday site, some of the most popular vacation resorts being Palm Beach, Manchebo Beach, Druif Beach, Fisherman’s Huts, and Eagle Beach. Accommodation facilities are very good throughout the whole island and hotels in Palm Beach make no exception to this rule. There are all kind of lodgings, starting with luxury 4- and 5-star resorts like Hotel The Westin Aruba, Hotel Holiday Inn Sunspree, Hotel Radisson Aruba Resort & Casino, Hotel Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort, and ending with convenient 3-star hotels such as Hotel The Mill Resort & Suites and Hotel Brickell Bay Beach Club. All inclusive packages are available to some of these hotels, so is not surprising that this holiday spot is one of the visitors’ favorite tourist sites in Aruba.

Palm Beach is located on the southwestern coast of the island, northwest to Oranjestad, the capital city of the region. There are some of the best beaches in Aruba, mostly covered by soft white-sand and lined by some of the most luxurious all inclusive resorts in Aruba.

The waters of Caribbean Sea have an incredible beautiful azure color and therefore tourists lazing in comfortable lounge-chairs or hammocks benefit on memorable sights along with some cold refreshing drinks. Like in any other premier vacation area, water sports are favorite pastime during the day and scuba diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, sailing, water-skiing, kayak riding, tube riding or banana boat riding are some of the most appreciated leisure activities.

Vacations in Aruba afford voyagers both to benefit on fantastic vacations in luxury resorts and to admire the beauty of tropical environment. The relaxing holiday atmosphere of Caribbean is so serene and the all inclusive vacation deals to high-rise hotels in Aruba are so convenient that many people remember the awesome days of rest spent there long after they have returned to home.