Here you have reached the old major city of Norway whose cathedral, built over the grave of Saint Olav  soon after the Viking period, together with the famous University of Science and Technology, dominates the centre. The residential population of this city is 160,000 and this is increased by the influx of its 25,000 university students. This is a rich cultural centre and there are many happenings here. It is the centre of music, art, alternative politics  and culture enriched by student life and nightlife, making it the most exhilarating city centre in northern Europe.

During the Middle ages this city was a place of pilgrimage and a religious centre. It was also a hub for trade in the north Atlantic which gave this city its character, much of which remains until today.  The indigenous population still regard it as the religious, cultural and technology centre of north Europe.

Trondheim old warehouses
Trondheim old warehouses

You can get here by air to Trondheim airport which has several flights every day to and from many European airports. There are buses to the city centre from there every 15 minutes to the centre of the city from where you can get trnsport to any part of the country.There are trains from Oslo every day at discount prices and also from Sweden.You can travel by car using the highway or take an Express or a slow bus from Oslo which diverts to smaller towns along the route. You can take an exciting thirty six hour trip by boat from Bergen up the coast  or use the twice daily catamaran.

In Trondeim there is a good 24 hour bus service throughout the city or you can travel by tram or use a boat if you want to visit the famous island of Munkholmen where you can swim or visit an old monastery.  Local train services are also available.

It is impossible to mention all the things that you can see here. There are too many. The spectacle of the summer sunset after a very long almost unending day  and the arctic blue sky cannot be matched elsewhere.

There is the largest  Gothic cathedral in northern Europe and the archbishop’s house beside it in the centre of the city. This is the National Cathedral of Norway. There are still extant the wooden mansions and the smaller wooden houses near the harbour.

Trondheim, detail of Nidaros cathedral
Trondheim, detail of Nidaros cathedral

There is the ancient fortress on the  island of Munkholmen and its old monastic building. And you can visit the rotating restaurant on top of the television tower. Where else can you find a wonderful or so complete a Museum of Musical Instruments? And the Botanical gardens are wonderful too.

There is the Saint Olav’s Festival in July which has religious input of ceremonials and concerts, miracle plays, lectures and exhibitions. You can go use the swimming pools or go for a dip in a clean water beach beside the railway station. Or go to the Lade are of the city for sunbathing and best swimming.

Nightlife in the rather expensive clubs and bars bettered by the presence of so many students and, although it finishes early, it can continue when you get home. There are opportunities for multiple cross-country skiing exercises from November to April. And if you want to go shopping there are ample centres and facilities where you can buy almost anything.

Accommodation is easy but is a bit expensive

Restaurants and hotels are expensive but you can eat in the bars or in any of the 20 canteens for students in the University. You can get burgers  and kebabs. You can get a la carte, gourmet, bistro and grills.