Tromso is in the very north of Norway 350 kilometres inside the Arctic circle and 2,200 kilometres from the North Pole. It is a great place from which to see the Aurora Borealis. Here you find art, history, sophistication, great food and a night life in a small city and all around you will see marvellous scenery.  This city has the most northernly university in the world, which was  opened in 1972 and which is already famous as a research place and satelite based industry. The population here is highly educated and highly skilled. While the first people arrived here about 10,000 years ago. Christianity arrived here much later. Amundsen recruited some of his explorers from here and it became famous in 1928 when an airship crashed there. Most of Tromso is on the small island of Tromsaya which is 10 kilometres long and has extended urban areas and also an airport and birch forests.

Tromso harbor
Tromso harbor

There is the Polar museum, the Art museum, a contemporary Art gallery, the Tromero museum and Botanic gardens together with good shops, good food and a strong nightlife. Across the sound on the Arctic mainland you will find the Arctic cathedral, and a cable car and a growing residential population. There is a three kilometre long tunnel and also a bridge linking the island with the Arctic mainland.

In winter the temperature never goes above 6 degrees and there can be very deep snow at times. In the summer time the temperature can oscillate and is normally about  11 or 12 degrees and the highest ever recorded was 30 degrees. From mid-May to the end of July the sun is always above the horizon. In winter for a period of more than ten weeks it stays below the horizon although there are a few short hours of daylight when you will see amazing colours in the sky.

Even though it is remote it is rather easy to get there. The easiest way is to fly and there are  several flight daily from Oslo and several daily and weekly flights from many other countries on the continent and from Gatwick. You can easily take an ordinary or express bus for the 15 minute drive into town or take a taxi.You can drive the 1,700 kilometres from Oslo which doesn’t seem a long distance but because of fjords and so many hairpin bends you will need at least a week. There are sufficient filling stations along the way.  Of course the magnificent scenery will compensate you. There is a ferry from Skarberget to Bognes. Fares are cheap generally even during the summer and the period of the Northern Lights but when there are festivals it may be expensive. There are trains also but they cannot travel all the way.