Top Destinations for Kids in Brussels


With its distinct Art Nouveau architecture, a rich history that is remarkably well presented by a myriad of museums and fantastic cuisine with beers and chocolates that are world-renown, Brussels should always be a big point of interest in your travels. It is a unique city that manages to combine several contrasting elements effortlessly and still keep them in harmony.

Its multicultural nature is as fitting as it gets for what is the administrative capital of the European Union. The city does much more than satisfy those interested in culture, as it comes with noteworthy attractions for party lovers, serving to create a destination where tourists of all interests and ages can a memorable time. Before looking at some of the best destinations for kids, let’s first answer a common question that is often asked by those looking to visit the city.


After reaching the airport, what is the best way of reaching my place of accommodation?

While Brussels’ public transportation is efficient and well organized, we would advise against using it for your first trip to the city. After the flight, you will most likely be tired and having all the luggage with you. Trying to find the best routes in an unfamiliar place and then travel with all that weight will simply not be a comfortable experience, nor it will be as fast as it could be.

What we recommend that you use is the Brussels airport transfer, as it will take all the stress associated with the trip towards the hotel away. You will be able to simply rest in a comfortable vehicle as professionals will handle all the aspects for you. The superior speed and comfort compared to public transportation do not come with huge price tag either. After you are all set and done, here are some of the best destinations to take your kids to.

  1. The Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art

Children will be delighted to explore the origins of famous comics such as Tintin or the Smurfs. Numerous interactive opportunities are set in place, so the kids learn how comics are created in a fun way, while the life-size models of famous characters serve to create a fascinating environment that they are sure to remember.

Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art

  1. Chocolats Gerbaud

While it’s hard to go wrong with any of the chocolate shops found in Brussels, we chose this one as it comes with a rare approach of substituting sugar while still maintaining excellent taste to the products.

There are numerous noteworthy varieties here, with powerful flavors given by fruits, nuts and various spices. If you want your children to indulge in the sweet pleasures of Belgium without exposing them to unhealthy sugars, this is the place for it.

Chocolats Gerbaud

  1. Brussels Park

You can never go wrong with the Brussels Parks, as children will be delighted by the gorgeous greenery, the countless spacious paths to run on and the excellent opportunities to play hide and seek. Summer months bring various shows and events that are bound to keep kids and adults equally entertained.

Brussels Park