Top 5 Tourist Mistakes in Rome


If you are passionate about travel, Rome should definitely be on your bucket-list around the world. With its remarkable attractions, this city deserves all the attention that millions of tourists are offering every year. As a visitor of the region, though, you shouldn’t make the following common mistakes:


Even if you want to visit the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum or anything else, you didn’t travel to Rome to stand in line to buy a ticket. I’m positive that you want to go back home feeling that you haven’t missed anything during your trip so wasting your time waiting to get access to an attraction is not an option.

Instead, try to buy your tickets online and visit the attractions you target in the late afternoon when the place is less crowded.



Be aware that Vatican has strict rules regarding clothing. You won’t be allowed in the city if your shoulders or knees are revealed. This rule doesn’t go just for women, it’s also available for men and children.


Even if feel comfortable wearing flip-flops, I don’t recommend you to walk in these in Rome. Italians think that slippers can be properly worn only on the beach so the chances of not being greeted nicely by the residents will increase fast.

Why not wearing your favourite sneakers? You’ll prove that you’re a civilized tourist who takes into account what locals think and more importantly, your feet won’t get filthy from all the dust that’s on the cobblestone streets.


If you visit Rome in the summer, the heat will melt you in no time. That’s the reason why you should be hydrated all the time. Instead of buying water from the locals search for a public drinking fountain and fill your bottle with water anytime you feel the need!

Buying bottles from locals or restaurants represents the perfect way to throw your money away. A better way to spend your cash is to treat yourself with some Italian dishes, given the fact that won’t have the same taste anywhere in the world.


Being in Rome can be overwhelming, I know. You’ve come all the way here and now you don’t have time to discover everything about this city. In this case, the worst thing you can do is to be chaotic, trying to visit all the attractions in a day.

Didn’t you have time to visit the Colosseum this time? No problem, next time when you’ll come to Rome you’ll know what to do first.

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