There’s a lot more to Greece, than Ouzo and Feta!


Whether you’re planning that special family vacation or a romantic break for two, luxury holidays in Greece have been a popular choice with families and couples alike, over many years.

Greece also has a charming collection of Islands, the biggest and most popular of these being the beautiful Island of Crete.

Crete is located south of the mainland of Greece, and as well as boasting heaps of natural beauty in the way of mountains and sandy beaches, the restaurants, bars, shops and hotels in Crete are also numerous and of the highest quality. Crete boasts an impressive 1000km long coastline, offering numerous opportunities to spot some of the islands fantastic wildlife and exotic birds, on its guided nature trails. Among these unique specimens to Crete are the Bearded Vultures, which are one of the rarest Raptor birds in Europe. With its impressive wing span and distinctive ‘bearded’ look, it really is a spectacular site to see these creatures thriving in their largest natural habitat, in Crete’s steep mountainous slopes.


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Crete is just one of the many islands you may choose to explore whilst visiting Greece. You may wish to adventure to the infamous islands of Rhodes, Corfu and Santorin which are all in easy reachable distance from the main land of Greece or any or its neighboring Islands. Each of them offer a flavor of something slightly different to the other, but at the same time all sharing the inherent theme of beauty and magic that makes Greece such a wonderful place to visit.

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Greece is often referred to as the ‘seat of civilization’ with such greats as Aristotle and Homer emerging from this leading country. This means visitors to Greece are never bored or very far from intellectual and cultural stimulation.

The Greek climate has also added to its immense popularity amongst holidaymakers with its long, hot, sunny summers and temperature reaching highs of 99’F! And with hardly a drop of rain in sight, this is always good news for us Brits!

Greek cuisine is of course legendary, and again a huge pulling factor for tourist across the world. Greece offers a vast array of Fresh Salads, Olive oils, Stuffed Vine Leaves, Fried Halloumi and Seafood that will tantalize and excite, even the most diverse of pallets.

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As for the locals, the Greeks themselves are known worldwide for their kind warm nature and generous hospitality to all visitors of their country. They may expect you to down a few Ouzo’s at the bar (a Greek favorite, anise flavored sprit) and dance into the early hours with them…but for the more relaxed among you, they will simply entertain you with their delightful stories and incredible sense of humor.

Right now has never been a better time to go to Greece, with budget airlines flying out to all different areas of the country, all year round, for very reasonable prices.

All in all, choosing to book luxury holidays in Greece is the ideal holiday destination, as it excels at exciting a vast arrange of tastes and interests across the board!

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