Thathi is a small town high up and cuddled in the Albanian Alps.  Situated in and surrounded by a huge national park it is a paradise for explorers of nature.  Here you will have marvellous experiences whiling away the hours and days studying and observing the caves and trees and the rich undergrowth of grasses and flowers and plants which are nourished by the mineral rich limestone base. This is a rural scene which nature still guards in its original status. Everything is natural. 

You will see all kinds of animals from bears and wild pigs and boars to the smaller rabbits and hares and spikey hedgehogs.Here too you will see all kinds of birds as they chant their chorus to the natural world.  The Eagle, which is the national emblem of Albania, can be seen here in its full flight of freedom. Many species of trees are to be found in abundance.  The oak, the maple, the ash and many others thrive here and show their different verdant foliage while providing nesting places and berries for the birds.

Thathi is in a remote area. You need to want to get there to go there. You can get many flights to Tirana, the capital city, with good special discount offers if you book early.  From there you can travel by car, or better still, you can hire a jeep at an economical price for more safety as you round the hairpin bends and escarpments over the mountainy roads. Your enjoyment of Thathi will already have begun on your way there. Much greater thrills and excitements will be yours on your holiday.

Accommodation is excellent and varied. You can book into a hotel with special discount offers and enjoy all the luxuries of being spoiled.  Maybe better still, you can stay with a local family who will welcome you warmly and treat you as one of their members. You can have full board which means you share all your meals with the family, or half board when you get your breakfast and buy your other meals somewhere else. The choice is yours. But if you stay for dinner you will be entertained by hearing the rich folklore handed down from previous generations to the present day.

Because it is situated in a mountainy area you will have many mountain passes.  You can visit these with your jeep or car, or even your guest family will take you through some of them for a new and unforgetable experience.On your way you can see some of the many waterfalls from the pure streams of crystal clear water which supply your town with its mineral water.

The best time to go there is during the early spring  or summer or autumn.