The city of Tepelene, situated  on the left bank of the river Vjose, is the capital of the district bearing the same name and is in the interior in the south east of Albania. There is one other city in the district which is called Memaliag. The area is about 300 metres above sea level  and gets about 250 days of sunshine each year.There are several small villges and we will  mention some of them later because they will be well worth a visit.

If you come by plane to Mother Teresa or Rinar airport in Tirana you can firstly get into the centre. Then you can set out for Tepelene by taxi or by bus. If you take a good taxi car you need to tell the driver where you wish to go and fix your price before you start. It is a journey of about three hours or more. The bus will take much longer but for both the price is cheap. You will pass through some lovely villages en route, such as Durres, Progozhine, Lushuje, Fier,and Levan. You can come in overland from Greece and pass through Kakavije, and Gjirokoste which takes about one and a half hours. If you come from Macedonia it takes about four hours and about six hours from Montenegro.

You can visit some wonderful sights in the surrounding villages here. There is Gusmani, Vermilku, Nivica, Rexini, Progonati, Lerdushi, Golemi, Kaparieli, Picari, Kolonja, Kuç, Bolene, Kallarat to mention but a few. There are many old exotic castles, colourful caves and clear waterfalls. Kuvuleshi is famous for its past bravery and courage and for its songs and choruses of pride. You can walk around Kuveshi, find a guest house where you can stay and enjoy the well-renowned hospitality of the family and neighbourhood. Go to the waterfall in Progonat or in Uji i Ftohte. Take a good long look at the caves at Lek Peta in Prodgonat. There are other excellent sights in Water’s Mom Cave, Zemren e Shendelis and Lekdushi Springs. And everywhere you look or go the water is clean and crystal and pure.

One sight you must not fail to visit here is Pusi i Hasmerive or the Hole of the Fueds which is the most famous and the most visited.  There is a legend which says that in ancient times when there were fueds the people who died were buried here.