Shebenik – Jabilanice National Park


This is the newest national park in Albania and was initiated in 2008. It is situated in the north-west district of Librazhd and bordering Macedonia.

It is easy to find accommodation here.  There are good hotels in Librazhd and in Tirana which is only 15 minutes away of a good road. In Librazhd there is the Lindi Complex in the town square  where you can get twin-bedded rooms with coffee and tea provided. Lower prices can be negotiated for those who wish longer periods.  You can also stay Just outside the entrances to the park where you will find the hotel Hasa which has tem twin beded rooms. Andy ou can actually camp inside in some áreas in the park on privately owned land with permission from the owners.

It is easy to get to the park. You can hire a car in the airport. There is a good motorway from Tirana and it is only 15 minutes from Mother Teresa airport and there are taxis available day and night from the centre of Tirana.There is a slow scenic train available sometimes. If you come from Tirana, Elbasan or from the west you will use the Tirane-Skopje highway to Librazhd. Then go to Peshkopi and follow directions from there. From Macedonia, Progradec or Korca you will follow the Tirana highway to near the town of Prrenjas or go to Librazhd. From the north you will go to Peskopi or Debrar to Stebleve.

To get around inside the park there are several hiking trails across the park and there are perimeter roads which are mostly mud roads and are more suited to a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The foothills are long and gradual leading up to the high mountains at more than 2,000 metres. Along these foothills you will find long stretches of meadow and grazing pastoral lands. Higher up you will see the woodlands and forests of deciduous and coniferous trees. You will see oak and beach, larch and deal, together with fir and several varieties of pine trees.

If you want to study the flora and fauna you will be  sure to see rare and endemic species of plants and wildshrubs and flowers.

The domestic cattle graze well here all year round except when the peaks are covered in snow.The brown bear is free to roam about  as is also the grey bear. You see the Euroasian lynx.  Its temperate climate leads to warm summers and cool but generally not cold winters.