Ring of Kerry


The Ring of Kerry being a tourist trail also known as ‘An Mhór Chuaird’ in Irish lingua is located to the southwestern Ireland near a famous National park.

Iveragh Peninsula the correct name of ‘The Ring of Kerry’ is a supernatural region of Ireland that attracted visitors for hundreds of years and is still attracting is one of the most frequent visited areas in Ireland because of its extraordinary beauty, artifacts scenery, monuments, towns, traditions, and archaeological treasures. Having attracted visitors for many years its name still stands tall in the field giving names to some of the roads in the Kerry Ireland. It is also used for sport events like golf, water sports, fishing, cycling, walking and riding with magnificent beaches along its side.

The Ring of Kerry has outstanding attractions located along its Ring. These include; Skellig Michael, Rossbeigh Beach, Staigue Fort, Gap of Dunloe and many others. Not forgetting major Churches like, St Mary’s Cathedral, O’Connell Memorial Church, Sneem Church and Cemetery just to mention a few. The Stone Pillars mark an important grave. The Ireland also has some of the finest beaches in Europe given that they have all the facilities required to complete your vacation.

The Staigue Fort located near the Castlecove off the Ring of Kerry is a circular stone fort, having a single entrance and staircase as high as of a wall. This was built during the Iron Stone Age and is about 2,500 years old. Equally, the stone pillar is a star attraction, which is inscribed with a cross; this also serves as a geometric symbol of the founders of the monastery who were pagan but converted to the Christian way of life. Not forgetting a former Irish president- Cearbhaill O’Dalaigh who was buried in the Sneem Cemetery.

Generally, The Ring of Kerry provides wondrous sights and keeps the minds of the Irish still fresh with Ireland’s ancient heritage, particularly with the Iron Age Forts and the Ogham Stones, a landscape carved out of rock and many others.

A walking Path for the pedestrians was not left out and a cycling route for cyclists. On summer times, several bus companies offer free trips during the day. Roads are narrow at the Ring of Kerry; hence, car owners are recommended to use the one-way road rules to avoid delays caused by tour buses.

All visitors who visit Ireland should make an effort to see the stunning beauty of The Ring of Kerry.