Review of Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

North America

Disney promotes Disney’s All-Star Resort as a fun, family friendly, “value” resort with easy transportation to the Disney Theme Parks. With fantastic pictures on the website and affordable pricing, picking this Disney value hotel was an easy one for us.

What we paid for Disney’s All-Star Resort:
$2,000. We purchased a package for a family of 5 for seven days at the hotel and 5 days of magic your way tickets during Easter break.

What we loved about Disney’s All-Star Resort:
The Transportation was awesome. With shuttle buses every few minutes, getting to the theme parks was easy for us and its free. Parking at the theme parks costs $14.00 whether you are driving a motorcycle or a minivan. There are premium parking spots for an additional $5.00.

There are no laundry machines in the rooms but there is a self serve laundry mat that charges per load. The laundry mat at Disney’s All-Star Resort is close to the pool which is convenient if you are staying at the pool for a few hours. The laundry room is only accessible to those staying at the hotel and a room key is required for safety purposes.

The grounds are adorable. There are plenty of great spots for taking family pictures.

There are two pools at Disney’s All-Star Resort and they are cute. One with a Mighty Ducks theme and the other with a Mickey Mouse Fantasia Theme. They are just not as magical as you would imagine a Disney themed pool to be. I’ve seen better pools for children at Marriott hotels in the area.

The cafeteria had a large selection of food and easily accommodated our family food allergies. My son was allergic to eggs, peanuts and milk and I was able to find soy milk and even desserts. Desserts are one of the hardest foods to find when you have an egg and dairy allergy. I would say that the foods available actually surprised me.

What we didn’t like about Disney’s All-Star Resort:
The in room refrigerator is not really an in room refrigerator as mentioned on the Disney website. Yes you can have a mini refrigerator if they have any left for rental but no they are not in the room. The refrigerator must be delivered to your room at a cost .

The smell. The first thing that comes to mind is “oh God, that smell”. We booked five rooms next to each other on the second floor and each room had an odor. One room was so awful I cannot believe the people in the room didn’t move to another floor just to escape it.

The cafeteria at Disney’s All-Star Resort has a lot of noise and mess. It is dirtier than our school cafeteria. I also didn’t appreciate ordering a pizza only to find out it wasn’t a standard pizza by any American standards. The crust was multigrain and both me and my daughter are allergic to sesame seeds. I do regret that we didn’t specifically mention that food allergy but in all fairness, who does that at a family cafeteria? It should have been mentioned somewhere on the menu on the wall and it is not.

The size of the room is so small that our baby’s pack and play barely fit in the room. Our room had two double beds, a tiny table with two chairs, an old tiny TV, and a really damaged dresser for clothing. The pictures on the Disney website must be from when the hotel first opened.

Would I recommend the Disney’s All-Star Resort to a Friend?:
The simple answer is no. I know what my friends are looking for, clean spacious rooms with lots of amenities.