This is probably the most charming location in Albania. The principal feature here is the beautiful lake Ohrid and the surrounding meadows and mountainy background.The lake side has several white sandy beaches where you can relax. Or you can walk along the long promenade and watch the shoals of small fry swimming in the clear waters. There is a kind of primeval atmosphere all around this area where unspoilt nature mingles with modern existence in perfect harmony. The lake rises up into the meadows and the meadows extend themselves into the mountains which provide a perfect backdrop to this almost stage setting. Just a short distance of 5 kilometres away is the lovely village of Driton whose crystal fountains feed themselves into the channels which are enclosed in woodland with undergrowth of exquisite plants and shrubs.

This location is good for tourists all year round. The hotels are top class offering good accommodation and facilities and they are backed up by excellent Bed and Breakfast places together with lodges, apartments, self-catering houses, farm houses and places for backpackers.  There is a wide range of accommodation to suit every pocket whether long or short stay and you will feel the welcome that awaits you as you are spoiled with personal attention.

All the hotels and restaurants offer extensive ranges of food and traditional menus and locally produced fish and you may well have background music. Their home made wines and wide selection of drinks and spirits will enhance your appetite. Here too your vegetarian preference will be respected. The numerous bars are friendly and there too you can enjoy your meals in a friendly atmosphere and maybe even meet some of your friends there or make new friends.

There are several art galleries and a well-known museum. You can visit the mosques or go to the cinemas. Walk around the lake or parks and take in the clean air. Go to the beach and relax or swim. Hire a boat or small cruiser and take your family with you around the lake. Play beach volleyball or football or basketball.  Go to the market or visit some of the cultural centres. Visit  some of the prehistoric or Roman sites and see the remnants of their primitive constructions. And in the evening you can attend some of the many and frequent cultural events.

Here the prices are low. You don’t have to make any prepayment and reservations are free. There are plenty shops where you can buy anything you need and take home some souvenirs and the Banks are close at hand to change your Money.