Pike Place Seattle

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Seattle, Washington has no shortage of fun activities, interesting sites, and beautiful scenery. From a trip to the top of the Space Needle to just sitting on the waterfront at Elliot Bay and enjoying the view, there is something for everyone’s tastes. One thing that shouldn’t be missed is Seattle’s distinctive Pike Place Market overlooking that picturesque Bay.

This great public market is built on the edge of a hill overlooking Elliot Bay on Pike Place, a cobblestone street that runs through the market. It has been in business since 1907 and is one of the oldest public farmers’ markets in the U.S. Not only does it contain booth after booth of produce, baked goods, and fresh fish, but it is also a place of business for craftspeople and other merchants. In fact, there are over 120 farmer’s booths and 200 arts and crafts booths.

There are several levels to Pike Place Market and each has its own array of unique shops and restaurants. It is the upper level where you will find the fresh produce and the many fishmongers. You can pass the time watching these talented folks tossing fish to one another as customers place their orders.

The Market brings in over 10 million visitors every year, which makes it one of the state’s most visited landmarks. It is open seven days a week all year round. Each merchant has their own hours, but farmers are usually there by 8:00 am during the peak of the farming season and the restaurants are open later during that period.

Attractions near Pike Place

There are many attractions near Pike Place, Seattle, WA. With the many travelers and visitors that the area gets each and every season, it has grown up with much in the way of entertainment for those people. When looking for something to see or do in Pike Place, one will have a wide variety of options to choose from. If one likes the waterfront, there are things to do there; if one likes museums and other things that reach out to history, those can also be found. A great destination for any traveler, Pike Place is sure to please.

One attraction is the Seattle Art Museum. The building has all manner of art, from all across the world. There are American paintings, views out across the ocean with bolts of lightning on the horizon. There are sculptures from Africa, depictions of birds and other animals. There are even pieces of art from the ancient days, from the Mediterranean, things that have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years and are breathtaking with a sense of history.

A great attraction for someone traveling with their family is the Seattle Waterfront Arcade. In addition to being close to the water, something everyone wants to see when visiting the city, the arcade is perfectly designed for the entertainment of children. With video games and pinball games, racing simulators and basketball competitions, the arcade provides whatever style of gaming the children have in mind. They also sell candy and give out prizes, which takes the fun up to the next level.

Finally, one has to check out the Paramount Theatre. With shows from all over the world, the Paramount can rival New York on the west coast. They bring in such shows as STOMP, the renowned musical theatre group, and Butoh dance troupe. They also bring in musicians such as MIA, the Arcade Fire, and the Flaming Lips. If one wants to see a show or a concert, the Paramount is the place to go.

Shopping near Pike Place

When one is visiting Pike Place, shopping is surely to be on one’s mind. The Pike Place Market is known across all of America, and has much to offer in terms of fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, and anything else one desires. There are other options for shopping near Pike Place, Seattle WA, however, and they should all be considered. Whether one is looking for clothing, jewelry, or something else entirely, it can be found near Pike Place.

One of the best clothing stores near Pike Place is Mario’s. A clothing store that has been in business for a long time and built up a good reputation, Mario’s provides fine clothing for both men and women.

They have shirt and tie combinations that are crisp and will make a man look his very best, along with slender evening dresses for the women who want to go out on the town. They also carry jackets, purses, and pants, along with a wide variety of other clothing, to give one a very high-class wardrobe.

When looking for jewelry, perhaps to go along with those evening clothes from Mario’s, one needs to look no further than Fox’s Gem Shop. They carry watches for men, from all of the best designers in the world, and diamond necklaces and bracelets that women can enjoy and wear many times. They also have, if one’s vacation is to have a bit more of a romantic twist, a large selection of excellent engagement rings.

To round out the outfit, one should look to Fluevog shoes for some of the most unique and high-quality shoes that one will find anywhere. They have boots with excellent ankle support, shoes with checkered top patterns, and high-heeled women’s shoes with clasps and buckles. This is only a very small sampling, and some of their shoes are so unique that they were made in small batches. For all of one’s footwear needs, Fluevog promises to provide exciting options.

Dining near Pike Place

Pike Place is a popular destination for travelers when visiting Seattle, Washington, and has some of the best dining in the entire state as a result. No matter what one is interested in eating, one will be able to find it in Pike Place quickly and easily. Much of the seafood is very fresh and very cheap, as Pike Place is so near the ocean that such food does not have to be shipped in and frozen. There are many other options as well, however, so anyone should be able to find something to enjoy and savor.

One great restaurant is the Tango Restaurant and Lounge. The food and drink is inspired by the Latin tradition, and everything about the place, right down to the building from 1908, is beautifully styled to reflect this idea. They have a fun atmosphere with great lighting and a Happy Hour that is renowned in Seattle. Serving everything from tapas such as the Queso Azul and the Wild Mushrooms & Jamon to salads such as the Ensalada con Pato, the Tango Restaurant and Lounge is not confined to the typical dinner menu though the grilled lamb is some of the best one can find. They also have gluten free options. If one is looking for a bigger experience, they provide both a banquet setting and a top-notch catering service.

Another restaurant of note is the Waterfront Seafood Grill. Located right on the water and with a beautiful deck for dining, the Waterfront Seafood Grill serves all manner of seafood that one could hope for. The poached Alaskan Halibut is excellent, as is their special Waterfront Seafood chowder. With a wide array of desserts and drinks, the Waterfront Seafood Grill is a place that one can go for an entire evening of relaxation and enjoyment.

Finally, one could check out the Wild Ginger. An Asian-themed restaurant with a great wine selection, the Wild Ginger is refined and elegant. They have crisp greens and robust spices, and all of the food one could want.


The city of Seattle has a terrific public transportation system that makes it easy for travelers and locals alike to get around town. As a result, most travelers will find it easy to use Seattle’s public transportation system near Pike Place.

Here is a handy traveler’s guide that talks about what types of public transportation are available near Pike Place. It describes how visitors can use the city’s buses and trains to get to Pike Place from anywhere in Seattle.

Pike Place has at least seven major bus stops that are close to the area’s nearby restaurants and shops. They are two located on 1st Avenue and Pine Street. They are also three that are located at 2nd Avenue and Pike, 1st Avenue and Union Street and Pine Street and 2nd Avenue respectively. Furthermore, there’s a major stop that is located at 3rd Avenue and Pine that is closer to the Pike Place’s Market main entrance. There are also several stops along 2nd avenue that passengers can use to travel to other parts of the city.

These bus stops act as major stops for over 40 Seattle area bus routes.

For example, the buses that travel along Routes MT-15, MT-18 and MT-22 use these stops to pick people up during rush hour conditions to take them to Safeco Field and the Space Needle. There are other commuter routes such as Route MT-3 and Express Route MT-5 that stop at 3rd Avenue and Pine before heading over to Waterfront Park and the Space Needle.

Pike Place also has two train stations that link to several busses that go to Pike Place.

The first station is called King Street Station. It is located at 303 South Jackson Street. It links the Sound Transit Authority’s train service to Seattle’s local routes MT-177, MT-190, and MT-196 because there’s a bus stop about two blocks south from King Street Station that serves these routes.

Finally, the other facility is located about two blocks away from the bus stop located Smith Avenue and 33rd Street. It is called the Everett Station and it acts as a link between the Sound Transit Authority’s train service and Seattle’s local bus Routes RT 510, RT 532 and CT 432 that also goes to Pike Place.