Outstanding Resorts Of The US Virgin Islands


resortSeveral top resorts are located in the US Virgin Islands, due in large part to the glorious weather enjoyed in this region twelve months out of the year. Countless travelers consider this to be a favorite destination, particularly those coming from the United States.

The relative proximity of the two locations makes it extremely convenient to take advantage of this tropical paradise whenever the mood strikes. Renowned for friendly people and scenic beauty, a trip to the all-inclusive US Virgin Islands resorts will not soon be forgotten. The list at usvirginislandsallinclusiveresort.com outlines the features of some of the very best resorts on offer.

Sugar Bay Resort
This resort is the epitome of private luxury, as it sits on the site of a former fortress alongside a hill. While it is one of the newer properties in the US Virgin Islands, its location is infused with historical flavor. Guests have access to the resort’s own marina. The only word of caution relates to the fact that neither telephones nor televisions are available, so tech addicts may want to look elsewhere.

The Buccanneer
Sitting on what many argue is the most scenic beach anywhere on the US Virgin Islands, this family-friendly resort has long history of providing outstanding accommodations. The wide array of available activities and entertainment options really do make this property stand apart from the rest. Excellent food and a festive, tropical atmosphere make this a top choice.

Caneel Bay Resort
Known as a haven for eco-tourists, this resort has been in existence for multiple years and has developed a respectable reputation. Anyone who is interesteted in green travel opportunities should give this resort serious consideration.

Bolongo Beach Resort
Reputed to be the finest resort in the capital region, this option is easily accessible from the airport. Beachfront accommodations can be booked at this property, and a full-service experience is provided to all guests.