Orlando Theme Parks are Ready for Your Family Vacation

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Along with popular theme parks such as Disney World Resorts, there are now a whole host of other new things to get familiar with. SeaWorld has a new water park called Aquatica, Universal Studios has a new motion simulator ride called the Simpsons and CityWalk has a new karaoke club where you’re the star.

If you haven’t been to lately, there are all sorts of new Orlando attractions to see. Universal Studios has a new ride open called The Simpsons at Universal Studios. The ride is based on all the characters you know from the show, join Homer and the family on their misadventures as they head out to spend the day at the fictional amusement park called Krustyland. This motion simulator ride is projected onto an 80 foot dome and gives you the feeling that you are actually in the car with the Simpson family as they go through the park and town.

Also recently opened at Universal Studios CityWalk is their CityWalk’s Rising Star, a different kind of karaoke club where you can sing with a live band and back up singers. They also have a top 10 challenge where participants compete for park passes and other prizes.

SeaWorld itself has many wonderful animal shows such as ‘Believe’ featuring Shamu and the rest of their Killer Whale family. There’s Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island – The Sea Lion and Otter Show which also features a huge walrus and Blue Horizons the new Dolphin and False Killer Whale show. Blue Horizons has a unique twist as it also includes beautiful birds and acrobatic fliers. If it’s a thrill you’re seeking Kraken is sure to deliver. It is the fastest roller coaster at any Sea World park and the first floor less coaster in this area, it twists and turns you all over, even going upside down, it also has a 145 foot drop. Special events like Viva La Musica, a Latin festival held on the weekends during the spring features popular Latin Artist and food, they also include Latin Dance demonstrations making this is one of the favorite things to see. Guided tours of the backstage areas of most shows can be arranged for additional fees. You can also schedule to have a meal with Shamu meaning you can eat buffet style backstage or poolside depending on which meal your prefer. The Makahiki Luau is a wonderful mix of food and fun featuring Polynesian food, rhythmic dancing and a fire dancing, even the kids get to join in at one point and try their hand at the rhythmic dancing, they have a special show at Christmas.

Aquatica is one of the newest Orlando water parks and is part of the SeaWorld family theme parks, its a unique water park where you can play alongside the sea life. Set on 59 acres in the heart of Orlando, this water park offers you the chance to slide down an eight lane racing slide, relax along a lazy river or stretch out on a patch of their 80,000 feet white sand beach. For your family vacation deals check out the best vacation rental websites! You’ll also get a look at their Commerson’s Dolphins as you drop through a 300 foot long enclosed water slide that goes right through the lagoon where they’re kept.