Macau hotels for the Budget traveler


Macau has had a recent renaissance in the economic sector, and this has made it possible for a huge number of upscale hotels, casinos and resorts coming up in the city. The city is seen nowadays as a pretty expensive location that is not suitable for budget travelers, but this is simply not true. Macau is now aiming more at affluent visitors that can spend money in the casinos, but still, the city has a great number of options for budget travelers. There are quite a number of cheap hotels that have a good provision for luxury as well as a good number of facilities and amenities.

Macau city view

These are the best Macau Hotels that will suit the budget traveler . . .

Hotel Ko wah

Hotel Ko Wah is well situated at the Rua da Felicidade, which has a beautiful nostalgic atmosphere. The hotel is located at St Augustine’s Church, Senado Sq and such other historical sites. The Ko Wah hotel is pretty decent in its looks, which resemble a quality guesthouse. The hotel is mainly known as an accommodation option that is focused on backpackers, there are a good number of rooms that are much better when compared to the other cheap Macau hotels here.

East Asia Hotel

East Asia Hotel has two advantages. The location is one, right on the side street from the town center. This is a stones throw away from the major attractions as well as the historical sights. Secondly, the rates are exceedingly reasonable among the Macau hotels. There are amenities such as phone, air condition, mini fridge, TV and more. There are a good number of services available.

Hotel SanVa

Hotel SanVa has not many facilities or amenities, but has a great amount of charisma and character. The location is perfect, and the pricing reasonable.

Ole London Hotel

Ole London Hotel is one of the best Macau hotels that have reasonable rates. Backpackers may find this a bit expensive, but the hotel is an excellent option if you want accommodation at cheaper rates than normal hotels.