Longmen Caves


Longmen Caves are one of China’s most rewarding and notable attractions. The caves are regarded as one of the three main centers that house stone inscriptions and pagodas in the county. The caves are now the main focus of travellers who are interested in Buddhist statues, as the caves are home to thousands of Buddhist statues that have been carved from the hard lime stone cliffs.

The site has been declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, as the historical site is of immense significance both with respect to religion as well as for sculpture and art.

Longmen Caves are situated at the west bank of the River Yi, on the slopes of an arid hill to the south of the town of Luoyang in the Henan province of China. The site has a total of forty pagodas, and an amazing 1 350 grottos in total.

The architectural heritage of the caves is simply marvellous.

Tips . . .

Make sure that you enjoy the heavenly view of the grottos when you are at the bridge at the west bank of the River. Also make sure you plan a visit to the hill nearby that has the Tomb of Bai Juyi, a famous Tang poet who hailed from Luoyang.

Entrance fee . . .

C N Y 120

Timing . . .

7 : 00 a m to 6 : 30 p m

Reaching here

Located about thirteen km from Luoyang, you can access the site via the bus # 81 from the east side of the Luoyang railway station.