Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria


Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria is a great option, if you got bored of lying on the beach and want some attractions. There are many windy days on the island, what makes it a European capital for windsurfers and kitesurfers. Every year there comes more and more water sports lovers.

Gran Canaria can offer not only warm weather and water throughout the year, but also many places for practising the sport. With the coastline of 236 kilometres, there are lots of spots on the island, for every level of kitesurfing ability.

Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria
Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria

Pozo Izquierdo is not only the best place for windsurfing or kitesurfing in Gran Canaria, but also one of the most famous spots in the world.

Playa de Vargas is located on the east coast of the island and is one of the most popular kitesurfing spots. The right side of the Vargas beach is reserved especially for kiters.

Bahía Feliz beach, located on the south coast of the island, is another popular place for kitesurfing. This spot is quite good for beginners, as there are some surfing schools settled.

Area around the lighthouse of Maspalomas also attracts many kiters. Great waves and winds here allow enjoying this water sport.

If you are staying in capital city Las Palmas, Las Canteras beach is also an excellent spot for kitesurfing.

If you have never practised this sport before, but want to learn kitesurfing, Gran Canaria is a good location. There are several schools, where you will learn everything you need.

There are lot of attractions on the island for some tips visit If you come for kitesurfing, Gran Canaria won’t let you down and you will spend a wonderful vacation. For accommodation view this list about Gran Canaria luxury resorts.

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