Kinsale is a town located in Cork County on Southern Ireland. The town is 25km south of Cork City and is at the mouth of River Bandon. The town’s history has it that Ireland’s greatest battle was fought there, makes popular history among visitors especially sailors. The town has favorable climatic conditions with no temperature extremes, as the temperature is rarely below 0 °C and occasionally over 30 °C. The town’s history can be traced back to 1601 during, which Irish militia from the north traveled to engage an English army in battle within the town which was in the hands of the Spanish. Nonetheless, The Irish were defeated in that battle by the English as the defeat opened a new chapter in Ireland.

There are different methods for one to travel into the town, which include air transport and road transport. Air transportation is facilitated by Cork airport, which is thirty minutes away on a car drive. There are car rental and taxi companies right from the airport, which can be used to travel into the town.

The town has several sites, which are worth seeing for the visitors such as the Charles Fort, which is an age-old star shaped fort that was used to guard the entrance to Kinsale harbor. Other places that are worth checking out include Kinsale Regional Museum, which exhibits the town’s history, James Fort, and The Desmond Castle, which was also used by the French as a prison.

Kinsale also has varied activities that may be of interest to the visitors such as sailing, which can be done at Castle Park. Other stimulating activities that are offered in the town include a Ghost Tour, which is offered from May to September at the Tap Havern, Kinsale Harbor Cruises and at the tourist office there are daily strolls that bring about the historic existence of pre-Kinsale. Nearby places of interest, which are border the town such as the Blue Flag Beaches and the White Strand Beaches are also, gratifying places to relax. The famous castle of Blarney is less than an hour drive away from the town.

In case, a visitor wants to buy precious valuables then one has to check out places like the Kinsale Crystalon at Market Street, which is a store specializing in crystals and the Kinsale Silver, which deals in handmade silver jewelry and other themes. Kinsale supports accommodation by offering lodges for the visitor and other places for passing time such as pubs and restaurants that perfectly matches the visitors need. The town is remarkably safe in terms of security; however, one is advised to exercise caution especially at night and to contact the authorities in case of any security breach.