Kilkenny is a city situated on the south east of Ireland on the bank of River Nore. Kilkenny County is well known for its exciting night experience and most tourists prefer moving around its beautiful streets, exciting shopping experience and has a background with a splendid inheritance that enables it to be a part of the destinations that attracts most tourists in Ireland. The town atmosphere is also favorable as it does have any temperature extremes and has a temperate oceanic climate.


There are several methods of traveling into Kilkenny, which include air transportation, rail transport and road transport. Air transport is possible through the international airports near the town such as Dublin Airport and Waterford Airport, which is the nearest airport to the town. Once alighting from the airport, one can use public transportation to get to Kilkenny. There is also a train station in Kilkenny, MacDonagh Station, which offers 7 trips a day and 4 trips on Sunday from various destinations across the country.


Transportation is easy as the bus station and the taxi ranks are both the both located at the train station.

Kilkenny city which is also Ireland most beautiful, historical city offers numerous site seeing locations such as Black Abbey which was founded in 1225,the Butler House which accounts many residents of the Butler family that ruled Kilkenny for many years and Kilkenny design centre which was finished in 1800. The city also has numerous ancient churches such as St. Canice’s cathedral, which was built over 800 years ago, St. Mary’s cathedral which was built by 1857,St. Mary’s hall, which was in 1250, St.Canice’s church, which was built by 1827 and St John the Evangelist, which was completed in 1908..


Other historical building sites located in the city include, Kilkenny tourist office that was built in 1582, Kilkenny Castle and Gardens, Rothe House, which was built in the 16th century, Grace’s Court House, built in 1210,St. Francis Abbey Brewery, which is Ireland’s oldest brewery that was founded in 1221,Tholsel, which was built in 1765, St. Kieran’s college completed in 1840, County Hall built in 1782 and St. John’s Priory Colbuilt in 1817 and has a ground chapel dating back to 1290.


The city also offers various festivals, which include a comedy festival that is held the first weekend in June. There is an art festival, which is held throughout August. There is also a musical festival that takes place in the month of June. Kilkenny also offers a wide range of recreational spots such as nightclubs, restaurants, sport clubs and pubs. Kilkenny travel guide is also offered daily by at the city parade, as visitors are tour guided to different places within the city.