Jotunheimen National Park


Jotunheimen National Park covering an area of 3,500 square kilometres in a mountainy are in South Norway whose highest peak is Galdhopiggen is the most popular in Norway.

There are so many different pasttimes here for the tourist whether (s)he is is younger or older. There are waterfalls everywhere. There are rivers and streams all over the place. Lakes are in abundance. There are glaciers and several deep or sloping valleys.

Jotunheimen national park
Jotunheimen national park

It’s a place for the hiker for a short or longer period. You can go hiking for a few hours or for continuous days and stay in huts specially prepared for you. You can go to the snow-covered higher peaks and ski in the snow or ski crosscountry in the lower plain regions. You can cycle around on a hired bicycle or take your own cycle with you on the train or bus. You can go mountain climbing in several areas or walk along on the glaciers . You can take a horse and travel around. If you like the water you can go in your kayak or rafting. Visit the caves if want or go canyoning. Go along the high-ground path joining Memurubi and Gjendeseim and you get a magnificent panoramic view of the terrain and lakes below you. It is a rewarding way to while way and enjoy about six hours of your day. You really will need a full day for this. There are plenty of trout in the gravel bottomed rivers and lakes if you want to try your skills at fishing be able to tell that the big one got away.

Most of the terrain in the park is too high above sea level for woodland. But in the lower regions you will find some birch, and close to the lakes you will see pine, alder, birch and a lot of hazel. If you are interested in the flora you will notice plenty of crowfoot and because of a limestone base you will find plants such as daisies, thistle, cowslip, buttercup and dandelion.

The reindeer is here too as is also the elk and the deer. The red and silver fox roams around with the wolverines and the lynx. And the destructive but beautifully furred mink is here. In the heather you will see and hear the grouse and the preying kestrel and eagle.

Jotunheimen national park goats
Jotunheimen national park goats

Accommodation is easy to get. You can stay in the towns or villages in the vicinity. There are mountain huts and wooden traditional cabins in the park too where you will be welcome for a short or long stay. You can stay with farmhouse families and become part of village and community life, and camping is allowed in pastoral land if more than 150 metres from house or hut.There is a Youth hostel in the park also.

It is easy to get there from Oslo by car or train or bus. By car it takes about 3 to four hours.The train takes longer to Otta and then take a local bus. The bus for Oslo takes about 5 hours.

From Stavanger by car it takes about 7 hours for 450 kilometres. From Frondheim it is 300 kilometres and and takes 4 hours by car, or train or 5 hours by bus .