Green parks and gardens in Dublin


Dublin’s fine parks and gardens are the life of the city. They cover a total area of around 5000 acres and range from botanical gardens to large nature reserves and public parks all of which can provide a retreat from the fast life of the city and a great day out.

Covering around 20 acres, Dublin’s National Botanic Gardens is an excellent attraction for the locals and tourists alike. Many who have visited the garden think its wonderful features are ‘worth travelling for’. There are four types of green house and these help to house the gardens 20000 species of plant. There is also a restaurant however some feel that the food doesn’t compare to the standard of the Botanic Gardens.

Marlay Park is suburban public in south Dublin and is about 6 miles from the city centre. The parkland is made up of woodlands, a pond and walks. The park’s recreational facilities include a golf course (9-hole), several football pitches, a cricket pitch. In order to keep the children busy there is a miniature railway and a small playground.

The War Memorial Gardens, dedicated to the memory of the 50000 soldiers who died in the 1914-18 war. In the book rooms the names of all the soldiers who lost their lives are written. Not only are these gardens among Europe’s most famous memorial gardens they are also said to be among the most beautiful of all Europe’s gardens. They are one of the few gardens in Dublin designed by world famous architect, Sir Edwin Luteyn.

The Dillon Garden created by Helen and Val Dillon, it is thought to be one of the best in the horticultural world. Surrounding a private house, this garden is divided into areas which are all completely different in colour s, sizes and smells. The view from the room over viewing the garden is said to be the most adored scene in contemporary gardening. Bordered by, on one side only red flowers, and the other, blue flowers, there is a canal which is said to be one of the main attractions of the garden. If you plan on visiting this garden, note that no animals are allowed and you must seek permission from the garden’s owners before bringing children.

Phoenix Park in Dublin is one of the largest public parks in Europe and covers 1760 acres most of which is grass. Its area is roughly the same as 5 Hyde Parks. It is home to a large herd of deer that tend to stick to stay near the Papal Cross monument. The main attraction of the park is probably Dublin Zoo. Dublin Zoo has been open since 1830 and is home to many of the animals seen at most other zoos which include hippos, rhinos and monkeys. With over 235 different species of tropical birds and wild animals, Dublin Zoo is thought to be Dublin’s main attraction for adults and children alike and will keep anyone entertained and interested for hours on end.