Fort Lauderdale attractions

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Fort Lauderdale attractions are such that they match your imaginations and dreams of an exciting holiday. I don’t think that there is anything that you ask for and you do not get it here. So, expect for an assortment of Fort Lauderdale attractions that will always seem to pull you every vacation. In this article, you will be introduced to some of the worth visiting highlights here.

One of the interesting Fort Lauderdale attractions is in the Tradewinds Park – the Butterfly World. This is made in such a manner that it does not only attract children, but even the adults and seniors. Amble through an aviary that seems to be a tropical rain forest where there exists a myriad of caterpillars and vivid butterflies. Then, explore the extensive gardens including the rose one, a pond, and a pavilion of specimens.

Fort Lauderdale Florida
Fort Lauderdale Florida

A true nature fan will surely never miss one of the most probing Fort Lauderdale attractions, which is the Flamingo Gardens in Davie. In these botanical gardens, you will come across an aviary of wading birds, wetlands, river otter, a crocodile lagoon, citrus grove, and bobcat habitats offering a green cool touch to your trip. Take up a narrated tram ride or amble on its paved trails for a fascinating experience.

At the Sunrise Blvd, the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is among the top highlights nestled on a fenced island flanked by the Inland Waterway and the Atlantic. This is where you can discover its calm beaches, surfing, and swimming; especially at the northern coast. Further, you can also relax at its freshwater lagoons, a hardwood hammock, and mangrove swamps. If you want perform some more adventure, then take up a canoe, nature walk, and exercises.

Florida is one of the dreamlands of beaches and Fort Lauderdale adheres to that very well! Head to the Fort Lauderdale beach that is calm and clean. Also, there are many options here for shopping, dining, and night entertainment with many parking areas.

Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida
Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

Take up a Jungle Queen Riverboat Tour of three hours that will take you to the New River as well as to the Jungle Queen Indian Village. This is held by the Jungle Queen Riverboat Company who schedules two separate tours. This already stated trip is via the Sightseeing Cruise, while the other is of the Bar-B-Que and Shrimp Dinner Cruise that includes a trip to the stunning island and is of 4 hours.

Called as the Most Wonderful Mile of Florida, Riverwalk is the most famous spot in the downtown. This is actually a historic zone full of shopping, dining, and cultural sights. And yes, your excitement augments by exploring some of the best sceneries. This is where you will also come across the Museum of Discovery and Science. This gallery is meant for the whole family and is not only interesting, but also interactive. It houses collections on health, ecology, and outer space as well as the environment. With regards to the latter, the museum exhibits a genuine coral reef wherein marine beings such as tropical fish live within and an oak forest replica full of lichens, mosses, and air plants living without soil.

Nestled on N US highway is the Sawgrass Recreation Park that offers fun way to know the Everglades. Take up an airboat tour via which an knowledgeable guide introduces you to the indigenous flora and fauna. After this, you will encounter the reptile and alligator display followed by rebuilt Seminole village trip where the truly Indian guide reveal about the history as well as tribal. And at last, you will explore t the depleting species exhibit.

Considered among the top historic Fort Lauderdale attractions, Stranahan House is the most ancient edifice in the Broward County. Made by Frank Stranahan in 1901, this building is the typical instance of ‘Florida Frontier’ structural design. In the olden days, it acted as a trading post for servicing the Seminole Indians as well as the early residers.

Do also experience the Wet ‘n’ Wild world where plenty of rides augment your thrill. Do not be scare here as many rides here feature ‘two’ meaning you will be never riding alone on any kind of highlights here.