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Visit Europe and do not miss the beautiful region of Dubrovnik which gives you the best sights to see and the ideal memories to cherish. Explore the hills here and enjoy this lovely land that is a must see in Europe travels. While here you should not miss the major attractions of this place.

Get to see the Rector’s Palace which is a lovely place on the Luza Square. Earlier the headquarters of the Ragusan government this is the place where the Rector lived and also worked. The Rector is said to have ruled the Republic from Dubrovnik. When Napolean’s army was dissolved the Republic of Dubrovnik then the position of the Rector also decreased and each month a new Rector was selected. The palace that existed earlier was built on the lines of the imperial palace in Rome. There was a lot of Venetian influence too and in the year 1435, there was an explosion here that completely destroyed the structure. Then it was reconstructed in the late Gothic design. In 1463 there was another explosion and in 1667 there was an earthquake. This totally damaged the city. Today what we see is what has been redone in the 17th century.

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There is a beautiful central portico that shows the best kinds of archways and also a mezzanine in the second storey. The rooms are huge and not very extensive and you would be more than happy to go round the palace.

Then there is the Pile Gate which lies in the northern part of the city. It has a stone bridge with two arches made out of gothic construction. The Tower Loverjenac is found in the outside and when one enters there is a drawbridge her which is joined to an internal bridge that takes you into the city. There are good photos that one can take from Pile Gate. The Tower Loverjenac is seen clearly seen from here and you can also see the tower Bokar behind. The Adriatic is also seen here.

Dubrovnik is a small city and has many places to see. Go to the Big Onofrio’s fountain which is a fascinating construction here and it is found near the entrance to the wall tour. This is a fountain with 16 sides and is said to be the masterpiece of architectural engineering. Built in the early part of the 14th century, this is famous for its design and also for the irrigation flow. The water source is around 20 km from here.

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Then there is the Church of St. Blaise and the Cathedral which is another place that is worth seeing. There are many religious artifacts here which enchant the tourists. The serenity and the ambience is enthralling. The church is lit up in the night and this is a glorious sight. There is a courtyard in the front side and this is a photographer’s paradise.

Visit the Franciscan Monastery which is a must see for all who come to this part of the world. There is a courtyard here too and the buildings that enclose this region are believed to masterpieces in the Dubrovnik architecture. The entire style is based on Roman Gothic designs and this is said to be the second oldest pharmacy in Europe. There are 30,000 volumes of books and around 1500 hand written documents here and the special feature here is the beautiful garden that is a wonderful place to feel relaxed.

Visit the Troubadour Jazz Café which is a perfect paradise for all those who come to this part of the world. This is a region for outdoor cafes and here is where you can get to hear some of the best kind of American style jazz. It is a treat to the ears and music lover’s dream come true.

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The Café Buza is a favourite of all tourists coming here. this is the coolest bar that you could find in this part of the world. It is built on the side of rocky cliffs and the Dubrovnik wall. There is also a small beach here where you could take a small swim. For Dubrovnik vacation rentals see the latest deals at best vacation rental websites. The spectacular sights and the lovely ambience makes this a favourite of all who come here.

Dubrovnik with its unique places and special features is a hub of architecture and other interesting sights.