Dhermi is one of the nine villages of the Himara region and is about forty kilometres south of Ilone and north of Sarandé. It lies on the slopes of the Ceraunian mountains at about 200 metres altitude and is and ideal holiday place either in winter or summer because of its healthy clean sea air and its unpolluted mountainy air, although in August it can be difficult to find a place to stay and you may have to settle for safe camping on the beach. It is situated in the centre of a six kilometre long beach and is back by the sheer cliffs of the mountains falling into the sea. Philip of Macedonia was here and so was Julius Caesar.It is one of the most attractive locations in Albania. Its people speak a misture of (ancient) Greek and Albanian, although because of emigration and immigration French, Italian, German and English are spoken, expecially by almost all the younger generations.

One of the attractions is its situation as it can be approached from Greece by land or by from Italy from several major ports or from Corfu. It boasts of almost 50,000 olive trees and a combination of citrus trees also and agriculture was its principal source of income until the arrival of the tourists. It also has a large plantations of fig trees and vineyards.

Hotels are not plentiful here but there are many chalets and houses and safe camping sites on the beach and elsewhere.  Families will gladly welcome you into their homes and share their life with you. As mentioned above, in August, it will be difficult to find a place you you might like to chooses another time or month.

You can sit in the sun on the beach all day or even on one of the private beaches provided by your hotel or bar or restaurant. You can go swimming or fishing or you can visit some of the churches where the Catholic and Orthodox traditions exist side by side. There are old monasteries which are still occupied and active, some of them ascetically nestled high up in the mountains. You can hire a car and drive around in the mountains.

Mother Teresa airport is a short distance away and taxis are available. There are bus services but they can be irregular as they stop at some of the national parks along the way and can be delayed by passengers reluctant to leave the parks on schedule.  You can come in from Greece or Corfu and travel up by bus or taxi. You will need a visa from the Albanian embassy in your home country and you can stay for 90 days per annum.