Cheap Hotels in Orlando, Florida

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Orlando, Florida is home to a remarkable mix of attractions. The sheer number of sights, amusement parks, entertainment, shopping, nightlife and other make the city an extremely rewarding destination for one and all, regardless of age group.

There are beaches as well not far in locations such as Miami. The theme parks make it a popular destination mostly with families. There are certainly a number of factors that make the city one of the most fun cities, as well as the most complete destinations.


Walt Disney World, Universal and other theme parks are what attract the most number of travelers to the city, and most people can not afford the high pricing in the hotels located closest to the theme parks. There is no need to be put off by this, as there are actually plenty of cheap hotels in Orlando Florida. These offer a good degree of comfort and a range of facilities without being too heavy on the pockets.


If you look closely at the Florida map, you will see that there are a number of lakes and sink holes. These areas are top favorites as camping spots. Vacationers come here and camp out in these spots so that they can cheaply stay in Orlando. This is also a really pretty location to stay at; you can have a taste of the outdoors

The best cheap hotels in Orlando Florida are located at the I Drive area. This is where the major concentration of cheap hotels in Orlando Florida is to be found. There are a good number of affordable hotels in the I Drive area. The I Drive area is named the International Drive. This is a road that runs through the center of town, and there are a good number of hotels here that can be cheaply stayed in, especially for families.


If you are unable to find reasonably cheap hotels in Orlando Florida, why not consider renting a holiday villa, or a vacation home. This will of course come out much cheaper than a hotel. There are a number of excellent options available, and especially if you are traveling with family, the space will be more than worth it. There are some excellent facilities on offer, so you can have a comfortable time. Money saved is money earned. These vacation homes also come with kitchenettes, and other facilities. In fact many have pools and such other amenities as well.