Cheap Hotels in Manhattan

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Manhattan is a region part of New York City. It is among the five regions that lie on Manhattan Island, just about at the mouth of the River Hudson. It is a region famous all over the world, and there are thousands of visitors that come here. There are islands such as Governors Island, Ward’s Island, Randall’s Island, Roosevelt Island, Liberty Island and others.

There are a good number of excellent cheap hotels in Manhattan. There are a good number of excellent deals and packages that you can take advantage of. These hotels provide a reasonable amount of comfort and convenience, at an affordable rate.


The best cheap hotels in Manhattan . . .

1. Belnord Hotel

Belnord is a budget hotel situated just a stones throw away from the Central Park located on the west side of the area. The hotel was recently refurbished and is the best place for budget travelers. The facilities, the environment as well as many discount rates make the Belnord an excellent option. The boutique ambience of the hotel has earned it many fans.

2. Royal Park Hotel

Royal Park Hotel is located in upper Manhattan in New York. There are a good number of excellent deals that are meant for groups, students and visitors. The lodging here is also extremely affordable and the service impeccable. There are a good number of facilities and services.

3. Second Home on Second Avenue

Second Home on Second Avenue is a boutique hotel. It is reasonably priced, and there are a huge number of facilities. It is one of the best cheap hotels in Manhattan.

4. Union Square Inn

Union Square Inn is a European style hotel that has a good ambience and style. The décor and pleasant ambience makes it an extremely rewarding option. The location is also perfect. The Union Square is a beautiful area that has a European Plaza. There are forty six well maintained rooms.