Brú Na Bóinne Archaeological Park


The fort derived its name from an Irish name is a Visitors Centre on the southern side of the Boyne river in Ireland. The fortress, which is also a Visitors Centre, acts as the passage of accessing the Archaeological Park for both locals and tourists that come from the rest of the world. The Visitors Center provides the necessary assistance since a visit to the place requires some coordination. The Public Works and UNESCO World Heritage offices work hand in hand in the administration of the fortress. The administration process has some limitations on matters related to different sites of the Archaeological Park.

Some land in the park is privately owned; hence, owners have to be consulted given that satellite tombs, which remain part of spectacular attractions within the park, are situated in these private lands. The Visitors who arrive direct on their own are also directed to fort’s Visitors Centre to get assistance to the Monument, this helps to ensure that the Monument is not too congested owing to its small interior nature. The monuments location places it on the northern side across the river, hence coordination is key to avoid confusion to visitors, that is why tour guides are required.

It is necessary to note that direct public access is restricted to mornings around the Winter Solstice when there is free access to the Monument. The Archeological Park being in a center of some Stone Age tombs ranks amongst the best tourist attractions, there are also historic archives, which help many people understand why this Monument is significant to the Government of Ireland. The fortresses park remains operational throughout the year, with longer hours over summer holidays. This spectacular scenery is for your eyes only hence no filming or photo shooting is allowed. There are offices to cater for all tourists needs including gift shops. There is ample and secure parking for those who like to come in their own cars.

The Public Works and Heritage Ireland working hand in hand with UNESCO never forgot to put up facilities like; cafes, tourist information point and toilet facilities available for all the visitors at the Centre. This caters for other needs like unwinding and relaxing after finishing touring this spectacular place. Finally, Newgrange Lodge Hotel renown as an old mansion in the farm, offers one of a kind Irish hospitality. The lodge offers extremely attractive packages that cater for both groups and individuals, regardless of the package a night spent at the lodges in unparalleled to none. The lodge’s location strategically places it next to the UNESCO heritage site promises the best experience anyone can expect.