Amsterdam from A to Z (complete guide)


Despite its relatively compact size, Amsterdam packs so many opportunities that it has become world-famous for it. This city of contrasts manages to keep everything in perfect harmony – it is a place where you can explore a fascinating history, one of the most important art scenes in the world and gorgeous architecture and then engage in some of the wildest parties and experience an incredible tolerance to recreational activities that many other countries ban. Before covering the mandatory destinations and experiences for the city, let’s first look at a common question that those planning to visit the place ask us.


Once I reach the airport, what is the best means of transportation towards my hotel?

We always advise people against using public transportation for their first trip to the city, and there are some good reasons for that. The combination of exhaustion, confusion with a new place and inferior conditions compared to our alternative make it a hard sell to make. While it is still a good choice for your stay, the trip from the airport to the hotel comes with a better choice.

An Amsterdam airport taxi comes to offer an excellent combination of speed and comfort at very convenient prices. This option allows you to eliminate all stress related to your first trip in an unfamiliar city, as professionals will take care of all your worries. You will be able to save your time and energy for the actual exploration of the city. Once you feel ready for it, here are the essential destinations and activities for a complete experience.

  1. Take a cruise along the beautiful canals of the city

Amsterdam’s historic canals have long been one of the main attractions, and there is no better than appreciating them than with one of the numerous boat services. The sensation given by  the serene waters, gorgeous architecture and outstanding views provided by some of the most important landmarks in the city is hard to describe but mandatory to experience.


  1. The Van Gogh Museum

Numerous works of one of the most influential artists of all time can be found here; whether you are an art connoisseur or a novice, the experience will be fascinating. Van Gogh’s importance in Western Art cannot be understated, and chances  are you will find him to have inspired some of your favorite works.


  1. Anne Frank House

A tragic reminder of the tragedies that Nazism caused, a visit here will expose you to the life of one of it most famous victims. The house displays an authentic representation of the living conditions that Anne Frank and her family had in their 2 years hiding, before being tragically betrayed.

Anne Frank House

  1. Amsterdam Museum

Offering an excellent exposure to the city’s rich history, this museum is an essential visit that will enrich your knowledge. It will give you a better understanding of the steps taken towards what is now one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world.


  1. Red-light district

You cannot leave Amsterdam without visiting one of its most famous and representative parts. The tolerant mentality is on full display here, as the place is packed with cannabis coffee shops and sex-related businesses (including escorts attracting visitors from behind windows). However, you can easily enjoy the experience as a simple spectator, since the vibrant atmosphere given by tourists, flashy lights and numerous excellent bars and restaurants is easy to appreciate.