African Extravaganza a la Namibia

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Africa the land of the safari and the wilderness beckoning you for more. A trip to Africa surely would be the best and the most wonderful. While here you surely can ensure that you get the maximum satisfaction of adventure, thrill and excitement. Namibia in Africa is surely a must place to see because of its scenic splendor and comfortable tours.

A tour in Namibia would take you around most of the places that you feel you have to see.

The first day would take you to the Namib desert at Windhoek. This has the best scenic spots and the Spreetshoogte Pass and Solitaire is a lovely place to be in. This is on the landscape of Namibia and there are resorts which are along the coastline. Enjoy it till it lasts.

The next that you can see is the excursion to Sossusvlei. This is the place where the world’s highest sand dune is located. Visit this place and see the rugged canyon here. Come back to the lodge for lunch and then go in one of those drives to the nature park. Then you stay overnight here and enjoy the lovely ambience that this African experience gives you.

The next morning after breakfast you can go to the Swakopmund. This is a lovely place to be and you would cross the Kuiseb Canyon as you go. Here you can see the aquarium, crystal gallery, museum and many other places. Here also you will have the Living Desert Tour and also a guided tour to the Mondesa town.

Day 5 sees you at the Damaraland at Swakopmund. Here the Rock Art and the Organ Pipes help you to understand the culture of the place better. There is also a drive in the river Aba Huab and see the lovely elephants living in the desert here. You could also go on a hiking trail.

The Etosha National Park is the next in line. Here you can visit a village called HImba which lies near Kamanjab. There are nomadic people here who help you to know about the traditions they follow. There are facilities for an overnight stay at HImba. At Etosha you can also see the innumerable waterholes which lie along the Etosha Saltpan. Then of course you have the trip to Windhoek where you can see the market for handicrafts. The Namibia tour gets over here.

Such tours increase the awareness of Namibia amongst the tourists. The community projects ensure a regular source of income for the people around. The community is also trained to interact with the tourists who come here. There is a lot of focus on maintaining the ecological balance here and the tourism industry helps in increasing this awareness.

At Mafwe in Namibia we have the Living Museum which gives a complete insight into the culture of the people of Mafwe. The entrance fees here and the sale of the handicraft items ensures a lot of income to the people here.

Similarly the village of Himba also increases awareness about the civilization and culture here.

On the whole a wholesome experience here in Namibia.