Dubai Marina apartments

9 things you need to know before renting a home in Dubai


Dubai, the land of exquisite villas, high-rise apartments with state of the art facilities attracts many people to this country. Dubai offers many job opportunities to thousands of people and here their dreams do come true. No wonder it is called as the City of gold, the City of Dreams, and City of skyscrapers… the list is endless. The city is growing at breakneck speed and still, they take an effort to maintain their rich cultural heritage.  Each and everyone who visits Dubai is overwhelmed by the facilities it offers and never wishes to leave the city.


When you move into this city, there are few things you should know about in order to lead the lifestyle you wish for.

Specification of the area- The first thing you need to decide is that what type of area you wish to live in like, do you like to live in a place that is near to a sports facilities as you are interested in sports or do you want a place where the grocery shops are quite nearby? Or do you want a place near to the children’s entertainment arena or park?

Rental budget- In Dubai, you can easily find apartments that suit any type of rental budget as there are many apartments and villas available for rent in different rental brackets. Hence decide on your budget beforehand, so that it becomes easy in narrowing down the apartment of your choice that fits your budget perfectly.

Real estate agent- To find your dream home, you need to pick the right agent who can show you the homes for Rent in Dubai which meets all your specifications. It is advisable to choose an agent who has been in the business for long so that they are familiar with all the area and location.

Home bird or party animal- You should decide upon a place to live on the basis of your characteristic traits.  If you love to party, then you are never going to be able to gel with neighbors who got families with children.  Conversely, if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful area, then you should avoid the centers with night spots and restaurants. The best part about Dubai rentals is that you get any type of apartment that one wishes for.

The convenience of location- You need to consider the fact that whether you like your home to be near to the office or children’s school. Narrow down your preference of locality according to the convenience.

Car parking facilities- You should find out how many car parking slots are allotted for the apartment you are planning to move in.

Maintenance of the apartment- Ensure that the tenancy agreement states the things you are responsible for, for instance, the clause will mention that any job of maintenance that cost AED 500 or less is the responsibility of the tenant.

Additional costs – You need to ensure that you are aware of all the additional costs that you will be charged for up keeping of the apartment and its facilities.

Pet policy- You should first find about the pet policy of the apartment if you already have pets or plan to get pets.