Vacation in Donegal county


County Donegal is a country located in Northwest Ireland. The place is a natural wonder for tourist attractions. The place remained isolated for the past years and most of the locals speak with their native language- Irish. The people in County Donegal are very traditional. Their source of living is fishing. Weaving fabrics and Irish music began in the country.

Transportation to County Donegal is accessible. You can fly to Ireland West Airport Knock, book for Mangan Coach Tours, or ride a ferry from Belfast and Dublin.

Donegal county
Donegal county

The lure of nature is one of a kind. Tourists will be pleased in their long week stay in County Donegal as they obtain the best leisure activities.

  • Glenveagh National Park- This is the largest park ever built in Ireland. The park’s scenic view is rich with mountains, lakes, and vast forests with preserved wildlife. The park is made of wood designed with Italian sculptures.
  • Bundoran- This town is definitely for surfers and water sports fanatics out there. Lessons in surfing are offered in town. Other activities include fishing and golf. The famous O’Donnell’s Castle is situated at Eske’s river bank.
  • The Old Abbey- The abbey was made for the Franciscan Monks. The abbey is somehow related to the history of the castle. It is located near the pier.
  • St. Patrick’s Church- This traditional, granite church was built in the year 1935. Resources to build the church were of indigenous materials.
  • Church of Ireland- This gothic architecture was built in 1828. The church is situated near the castle and it is famous for its clock.
  • The Blue Stack Mountains- Glaciers formed this magnificent mountain a million years ago.  The mountain is only open for hikers in the afternoon. Its picturesque top view will certainly keep tourists from coming back again.
  • Glencolumbkille Folk Village and Museum- History will repeat itself as you witness houses, school, stores, and teahouse built 300 years ago. You can also experience a taste of their authentic biscuits, soup, and brown bread.
  • Sleave League and cliffs of Bunglass- This spot is suitable for adventure travelers. Bunglass is the highest known cliff throughout Europe. Take extra caution when hiking to the top because of the steep and dangerous trail but heaven will be experienced as you view the scene from the top.

Carrick Fin Beach, Donegal County
Carrick Fin Beach, Donegal County

Accommodation in County Donegal is comfortable with a traditional Irish ambience. Bed and breakfast is one of the best encounters in the hotels of Donegal. Hostels and guesthouses are also available for travelers in a tight budget. Caravan and camping sites is offered from March to October for travelers who has the passion for outdoors.

Other activities in the country include cycling, diving, surfing, hiking, biking, fishing, and horse riding. Exploring the peaceful region of Donegal is an absolute way of relaxation.