Top Three Weird Traditions in Venice


Every city in this world, including Venice, has its own traditions. The simple ones are known by people around the globe while the weird traditions have a small audience, respectively the locals of the city. In the following lines, you’ll read about some of the weirdest traditions in Venice.


What do you know about carnivals? They’re popular events and everybody is waiting for them to start in order to wear a mask.

In Venice though, the Carnival has a deeper meaning. The history of the Venetian mask began in 1268 when people weren’t allowed to hide their faces except for special occasions. In 1300, the use of masks was forbidden to prostitutes. Why? Because masks were often used to hide people’s identity and carry on illegal relationships. As you can imagine, the history of Venice Carnival is very twisted because of these facts.

Venice carneval6

Right now everything is completely different. Masks are a symbol of freedom and independence in Venice. The Carnival allows people to express their creativity, resulting in a magnificent event held in Piazza San Marco for about ten days a year.

If you’re coming to Venice during this Carnival, you’ll be surprised by the joy and playfulness delivered by the locals. The Piazza is full of dances, games and exclusive galas that will catapult you in a fairy-tale world.


One of the most interesting traditions of this city is even the life of the locals. Venetians aren’t shy so they play hide and seek with their children right on the street. Moreover, the locals don’t even leave the house to talk with each other! They just have a chat from the windows of opposite windows. Weird, isn’t it?

basilica saint mary of health


On December 8, locals celebrate the day when Mary was born without the stain of the original sin. Didn’t you hear about this anywhere in the world? Don’t worry, nobody knows about this holiday because it simply has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. One day, the Church decided that should exist a celebration of this kind in Italy and well, this was it.

This holy day is considered the start of the Christmas period when the city is filled with lights at every step and the Christmas market commences.

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