Top 6 Vacation Spots In Bucharest For Every Visitor


Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is probably not your ideal “tourist destination,” but then it’s Europe! Every city in Europe is a tourist center with old, preserved culture and arts. Here is a list of fun things to do when you are in Bucharest below. You will probably need transfer from the airport to city center, we think Welcome Pickups at Bucharest airport transfers are the best.


Visit the bar

Just like other cities such as Rome and Paris, you can also get the best wine in Bucharest. For those that love a good ol’ glass of cold beer, you could also get it in Bucharest and guess what? It’s cheap and affordable! After all, it is believed that the founding father of Bucharest, Bucca, was a musician who sang and played the flute for a living, then the farmers of the town gave him drinks and wine in appreciation.


Art galleries

What better way to spend your time and experience European culture at its peak if not to visit one of the many art galleries in Bucharest. There’s even the “museum of Romanian peasants,” where people get to experience the old-world traditions of the Romanians. One should also visit the “National Museum of Romanian history” if you want to go back in time to understand the Romanian cultural heritage.

Tourist sites

Every city in Europe has thousands of tourist sites, even that old cottage along that small street is a tourist site because of its architectural finesse. Bucharest has so many attraction sites, and with that, it also boasts of the largest parliament building in the world.


Historical monuments and buildings

Bucharest is one of the cities in Europe with diverse architectural designs due to the communist tyranny that took place in the 19th century which resulted in the destruction and remodeling of buildings to befit the communist style of structures. There’s the ‘Arch Of Triumph’ that was built after the victories of the Romanians in the First World War. Hence it was christened “little Paris.” For the book lovers, there’s the “National Library of Romania” where you get to feast your eyes on millions of books, and you get to read them too.

Parks and gardens

Bucharest also boasts of beautiful gardens and parks, but then they cannot be described as the best gardens and parks in Europe. What’s the best way to spend a summer evening than being surrounded by a serene, breathtaking, work of nature?



There is no better way to appreciate people’s culture and heritage without enjoying their native cuisines. Foreign cuisines have greatly influenced Romanian cuisines, but one could get native Romanian dishes from individual local shops.

Bucharest is a city with some most fascinating attractions. If you are planning your next trip to Bucharest and want to make the most of it, it’s good to hire a taxi for Bucharest airport transfers. You don’t want to go hunting for reliable and cost-efficient transport. You can’t hop on any taxi after landing on the Otopeni international airport.