Tasmania tours and tourist attractions


Visit Tasmania the beautiful region of travel and tour delights in this part of the world. Visit this fascinating zone filled with the greatest experiences and get to see something that will always linger in your mind forever.

Visit Hobart the capital city and bask in the pleasures of a great land. Then go to Port Arthur which is famous for the penal settlements of the historic past. These have been very well preserved in this part of Australia and provide you with a great sight of the ruins of the earlier times. For Tasmania vacation rentals check out the latest deals at the best vacation rental websites.

Come here and also enjoy the largest convict site which is a great heritage centre. There is a certain fundamental beauty to this place and this takes you down a history down memory lane It is certainly a must do in Australian tours.

Tasmania tours

Visit the interesting village of Richmond and experience the pleasures of a simple ambience of a locale which is near Hobart. This in fact also has the oldest bridge that has been built sometime in the year 1823 and also has a Roman catholic Church which was established sometime in the year 1830. These are in use today and give you an experience that you would cherish forever.

The bridge was initially constructed to connect Port Arthur and Hobart. When the Sorrell causeway was started in the year 1872, the traffic here stopped crossing Richmond . So today Richmond hasn’t changed much and is as it was earlier.

Visit Bruny Islands which has some of the most magnificent sea cliffs and is very famous across the world. So eco cruises here are fascinating and make the Bruny Island a very special and interesting place.

Tasmania travel attractions

The tourists coming here also enjoy the walks and the scintillating views that one gets from here. There is a very inspirational Aborigine here called the Truganini which is very popular here.

Then go to Eaglehawk Neck in the eastern part of Tasmania and see this lovely place which is also famous as the “dogline” and once used to keep a watch for all the convicts. This is also the place where you would get to see “The Officers Quarters”. This is very popular as an old timber military building.

You also have Pirates Bay, Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch and the Blowhole which are some of the awe inspiring natural wonders in this part of the world. You would surely get fascinated by the beautiful Doo town here which is actually a great testament to the culture that existed here before.

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Tasmania is linked closely with Antarctic which is also the headquarter of the division of Australian Antarctica and it is located in Hobart. So you can actually visit Antarctica by being a part of the cruise ships that leave this beautiful region of Hobart.

Then go to Flinders Island and see this lovely ancient land bridge which links the country to the mainland. There are more than 50 islands here which are uninhabited. The island is rich with stories of a great heritage of the Aborigines and there are also sights of the sealers and the shipwrecks too. A perfect haven for nature enthusiasts, this is one land that provides you with a wildlife that is enviable and an experience that is memorable. There is the pretty region of Bicheno which is a beautiful town with some of the best kind of beaches. It was initially a whale centre sometime in the year 1803 but today it gives the best penguin tours and leaves you completely enchanted and enthralled. Here you would also get to see a lovely wildlife park, a marine reserve and the best visual delights.

Visit the Freycinet National Park here and see the beautiful surrounding of granite rocks with lichens on them. the beaches with their white sands and the beautiful ambience relax a tourist totally and it is certainly a wonder that Wineglass Bay here in Tasmania is a must in the 1000 places to see before you die.

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Then there is Coles Bay which is said to be the first town to have a complete control on usage of plastic bags. It is just adjacent to the Freycinet National Park. With the Bay provididing pleasures of fishing and many other sport pleasures tours to this part of Tasmania are certainly worthwhile.

Tasmania thus has a lot of things to offer in travels and gives you the greatest delights.