Shanghai tourist attractions for the first timers

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For the locals, Shanghai is regarded as the most developed as well as the largest town of China; while the tourists consider it as among the most beautiful cities of the planet. It was recently in the news due to the venue of the 2010 World Expo that witnessed the highest number of visitors. If you want to take the tour of the city, it is necessary for you to know that the Huangpu River has split the city into divisions: Pudong where the Expo was held and Puxi where the famous Bund area lies. So, you can say that Puxi boasts an older ambiance, while Pudong is known for its modern outlook.

English here is not that greatly spoken, so, it is necessary to print the list of Shanghai tourist attractions from your hotel so that you can ask someone without the hurdles of communication. Talking about the climate, it is somewhat the same as that of New Orleans and Cairo – subtropically humid. I would suggest avoiding summer tours as noon temperatures shoot up to 36°C bringing in lots of sweats and water along with freak thunderstorms. Further, July and September are also not the best months due to the uncommon typhoons. Winter is good here, but occasional snowfalls can cause traffic jams.

In your list of Shanghai tourist attractions, the first name undoubtedly should be of The Bund meaning a muddy bank. This was once Asia’s vital financial street and even today boasts a very appealing and proud atmosphere. Regarded as the city’s symbol, this is the area several historical buildings along the river boasting various architectural styles like Baroque, Gothic, Art Deco, and Renaissance. This is the reason why this one is called the ‘Gallery of World Architecture’. And this scene is really stunning at night when the neon lights are lit. Also look for the Sightseeing Tunnel of pedestrians, which runs with colorful, sound-causing walls until the Pudong’s Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong and takes 5 minutes for passing the river and Waibaidu Bridge over the Suzhou Creek with 3.6 m broad sidewalks. After completing the tunnel walk, do climb the Pearl Tower for the impressive vistas of the city and also visit its base museum.

One of the most exciting Shanghai tourist attractions is the Huangpu river cruise as the river is regarded as mother river to symbolize the scenic spectacles on the banks that it has generated for the tourism to reach its peak. While riding on the water, you get a glimpse of the history and present of the city right from the Bund to the Nanpu Bridge and to the Wusong Mouth. Along the river is the promenade where you can see several locals strolling, ballroom dancing, souvenir shops, and tai chi.

In the south of the Bund, Nanshi as the ancient city is well worth a visit due to its live ambiance, narrow streets tracing the old look, and eateries, and shops and it is the most exiting attractions. Just close by is the famous Yuyuan Garden that is walled from the sides to retain the traditional feel of China. In this old park, there are several pavilions, rock formations, artificial lotus ponds, and towers made from family of the Ming dynasty all explorable for ¥40. Inside as well as outside, there are great snack stalls for quality offerings. Take bit zigzag twist on the winding Bridge of Nine Turnings that passes via a man-made lake to Huxingtang as the wonderful small pavilion with a typical tea house set in the Chinese style.

If you are a shopping buff, you would definitely like to explore the Nanjing Road that is easily accessible from the Bund. Running to the Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel, this one is the famous address of broad pedestrian streets loaded completely with all types of shops.

Accessible from the subway station, the Nanjing DongLu area is where you walk to explore the Renmin Park as well as the Shanghai Museum featuring free entry to marvel at its beautiful displays of bronze. On the park’s east side, cross to get into the street’s other side and head towards the Xizang Lu from where you get to the Yanan DongLu. Here, an edifice in the shape of a wedding cake is seen, which is the Great World that houses the acrobatic shows. Now go left and on the right you come across a food street. If all looks clean, do taste some items here.