Sarande can be reached by multiple land routes or by sea from Corfu. By road you will leave Vlore and pass through what is know as the Riviera which is a succession of beautiful villages and exotic beaches.  You can travel from Tirana by bus, taxi,van,minnibus, or by private car. The journey takes about forty minutes if you travel from Ioanina airport. Care is needed on the roads as they ae narrow with many dangerous sharp bends.

What will you see?  Nearby Ksamuli has a beautiful beach and you can swim out to all of the several small islands. There is at least one good hotel where you can exchange or use foreign currency. You can visit Butrint which was an ancient Roman city and which has the remains of an old Roman temple and also contains the second largest Byzantine basilica in the world.  Again, close by is Lekures which has an old castle and an open-air restaurant and furnishes some marvellous views of the beach and beyond it the lagoon, the islands and you can look out on Corfu. You can watch the glorious sunset from here, or, better still, you can go to the beach and watch the crimson sun sink into the green water and later do some star gazing and study the different  constellations before you retire to you camp because here there is no light pollution.If you are interested in archeology you can see the sites of where some of the excavations are taking place and learn more about the ancient history of this former fortification.

There are many restaurants and a multitude of bars and cafes. The closer you are to the beach the fresher will be your fish for dinner. You meet here the fast food places which are cheap for a meal and the take-aways are on show too.There is plenty of Italian style and flavoured icecream. So everyone can be happy here whether adult or child.

Accommodation is easy. Probably the cheapest is a hostel which is managed by an Irish lady just a short distance away by taxi.It is placed high up in an apartment and together with clean bed and linen you have access to laundry and a shower and free breakfast and snacks over twenty four hours. Here too you have an exclusive view of the beach below, the islands, the lagoon and Corfu.You can find many apartmentswhich can contain up to ten people and you do your own cooking. It helps to save your money for some of the best night life you will ever experience.