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The Salt Lake City might be the home of the Mormon beliefs, but today, it is the magnet for all those who love nature – families, children, and scientists. With never ending fun and adventure, the Salt Lake City attractions are ideal for the best family vacation. Sunbathers find their peace at any of the lake’s beaches, while the first time visitors love to explore the lake, Bonneville Salt Flats, and the Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ.

Tucked at 17 miles from the city, the Great Salt Lake is known for its azure as well as jade span attracting artists and water fans. It is just perfect for sunbathing because of its many beaches and some wildlife excursions thanks to the national park. Although the lake is not the home to much marine life except for the brine shrimps, you can still spot a waterfowl, bison, and bighorn sheep at the Antelope Island National Park in the southwest. One of the most visited Salt Lake City attractions is the Bonneville Salt Flats – the zone of land-speed records. Cracked relics of the now dried lake used to attract a racecar driver, which is now the site of many campers. Do spot here the giant “Tree of Utah” – a conceptual sculpture.

Salt Lake City in winter

Considered among the stunning Salt Lake City attractions, the Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a true architectural marvel. This single Mormon building spooled all of Mecca and Jerusalem. Built after 40 years, this six-spired edifice of granite crowned by a gilded replica of the Angel Moroni is unfortunately not open. However, it is no less than a pleasure to amble on its manicured grounds.

This Is The Place Heritage Park takes you through a tour of past and present life. Nestled in the Emigration Canyon, this is where you can spot the still surviving legendary hamlet (Old Deseret) of 1847, know the day to day life, and discover the cultural sights such as adobe houses, shops, and churches. This is near the Hogle Zoo on the Sunnyside Avenue, which houses over 800 animals along with the superb exhibits like Asian Highlands. The Zoo Train and the Conservation Carousel are just for the kids. Come here in December as the zoo converts into a winterland with several Zoolights.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

Excitement, thrill, and scream – all is possible under one roof in the most exhilarating family park called the Raging Waters. Soak in its aqua paradise, drench in its speedy ride, or get stuck in its wave – the choice is truly yours! One more commendable family attraction not to be missed is the Boondocks Fun Center welcoming people of all ages. This is where you can have fun with go-karts, miniature golf, battling cages, laser tag, bumper boats, and kiddie cove.

A different highlight awaits you with your full family, which is the fortunate Wheeler Historic Farm. Explore a Historic Farmhouse, meet animals, have picnic lunch, enjoy a wagon ride of a tractor, and soak in some special events. This really sounds great, but this is of real interest for families who think negative about the farmhouse fun. If you cannot spot a stellar sight in the wide skyline of the Salt Lake City, head off to the Clark Planetarium that will show you some superb spectacles. Everyday’s nightly music/laser light shows, star shows, and planetarium exhibits such as mount solar system model attract all ages.

Utah Olympic Park, already a venue of Luge, Bobsled, and Ski Jumping competitions in 2002, is now the highlight of the sport lovers. Here, you become a part of the guided tour, zipline rides, athlete training sessions, freestyle aerial as well as ski jumping events on Saturday’s noon, 70 mile-per-hour bobsled rides, and Quicksilver alpine slide rides. And yes, many camps are held here for all ages.

Salt Lake City downtown
Salt Lake City downtown

Looking for a stereotype parks that offer trails and some scenic attractions? Well, one of them is the z off the Foothill Blvd in the foothills. This is where you can enjoy the panoramic vista of the Salt Lake Valley, magnificent floral displays, walking trails, waterfalls, and fountains. Another option is a bit more adventurous – Memory Grove Park accessible from the downtown and featuring a mock-up Liberty Bell, memorials to Utah’s veterans, jogging, walking, and bicycling.

For the gourmets, I suggest to not leave the city without tasting the Fry sauce – a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup on French fries. For a budget traveler, I would suggest accommodations such as Candlewood Suites near airport, Days Inn Ogden Utah, and Best Western Executive Inn.

Best time to visit

Mid-September to mid-November.