Rio Carnival’s Vivacity

South America

Rio Carnival is the place to be if you are looking for fun and frivolity. It is a perfect festival for music lovers. Not only is Rio Carnival the largest festival in the world, but it is also the world’s most renowned. Rio Carnival draws more than 500,000 visitors every year. The number of local revelers crosses the 1 million mark.

Rio Carnival lasts for four days. It ends with the Samba Parade. The parade draws nearly five thousand individuals from the city’s samba schools. Individuals taking part in this parade perform with floats, costumes, and musical themes. Streets are choc a bloc with revelers. Samba schools spend the entire year in Carnival preparations. There is intense competition during the four days. At the end of the festival a winner is announced.

Rio Carnival
Rio Carnival

The pleasure-seeking nature of Rio Carnival originates from its tradition a final event before Lent. The drum music, which is played on floats, traces its origins to Africa. Carnival visitors stand a chance to visit Carnival Balls, samba nights, and street parties.

Learn the samba dance at Rio Carnival. Adorn your dress with sequins and feathers. Prepare your mind and body because you might want to dance the entire night. Advance booking of flights and accommodations is a necessity.

Rio Carnival traces its origins to Portuguese rule. Carnivals are celebrated in most Roman Catholic countries. There are many carnivals that take place in other towns and villages of Brazil. However, the Rio Carnival beats all other carnivals hands down. Rio de Janeiro Brazil is also known as Carnival Capital of the World. Besides being the biggest carnival, Rio Carnival serves as the yardstick for all other carnivals. Rio Carnival is one of the most intriguing artistic events on the planet. The number of foreign visitors touches nearly 500,000 every year.

Rio Carnival is celebrated forty day prior to Easter. It generally begins on a Saturday and winds up on Tuesday. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Lent is the time to sacrifice all pleasures of the body. Every carnival is known for its excesses. A carnival can be regarded as a farewell act for carnal pleasures. Rio Carnival is mostly celebrated in February, which is the hottest month of the Southern Hemisphere. The summer at Rio de Janeiro is at its peak during the carnival.

Besides Rio de Janeiro, the carnivals at Recife, Olinda, and Salvador are also famous. Besides offering opportunities for entertainment, Rio Carnival offers a glimpse and insight into the unique culture of Brazil. Rio Carnival is an integral part of Brazil’s culture.

Individuals taking part in the carnival are filled with a sense of euphoria. They sing, dance, and have loads of fun. Many parties are held both before and after the carnival. Rio Carnival reveals the true nature of each individual.