Renting a house vs. apartments in Ciputra Hanoi

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If you are renting in Ciputra Hanoi, choose apartments. Apartments in Ciputra district are better in many ways than an independent house. According to a, a Vietnam real estate agency, apartments in Ciputra are better. People live closer. If you are alone, there is nothing to worry or be afraid as you have neighbors just a few foot steps away.

Ciputra Hanoi apartments

In an apartment Ciputra Hanoi you have facilities as gym, facility for playing, Billiards, tennis, badminton etc. Again swimming pool is another facility in apartments. You have free access to all newspaper and magazines. Your children will have a lot of play area and friends to play with. There is no need for paying any membership fees or maintenance fees for any of the facilities.

If you go for an independent house, you will have to take care of surroundings and garden. You will lack all facilities of gym and swimming pool. Even if it is there, maintenance is your responsibility.

So have a good stay at apartments in Ciputra!