Mount Dajt


Mount Dajt, which extends from 300 to 1600 metres and which is only a short distance of 25 kilometres from Tirana, is one of two high peaks in the huge Mount Dajt National Park. It is particularly attractive both in summer and in winter when sometimes the peaks are covered with snow in the winter. While it is barren on top, its slopes are covered with fauna. From its top you can get a clearpanoramic  view of Tirana.It is accessible all year round from early morning until dusk and is extremely popular for tourists.

There  are pine forests found on the rocky slopes and a selection of leafy trees such as oak or beach and shrubs and plants are found in the lower reaches. There is plenty heather, myrtle and fragraria. Altogether more than 40 different species of trees including pine, beach and oak have been found there. Because of its altitude the air is always clean and pure.

Amphibian life is plentiful. There are lots of birds, mammals and reptiles. The eagle and kestrel and sparrow hawk hatch up in the higher slopes. The wolf, the brown bear, wild boar, hare, wild cats and be seen here. And the shy and threatened otter can find a plentiful suppy of fish in its clean rivers.

There too you can visit Dajti Castle situated at 1,200 metres on the western slopes of Mount Dajt. This was discovered officially only about 50 years ago and has been in the process of restoration following a lot of excavation.  These excavations are still ongoing. You can see the remains of an old Roman fortification dating from around the sixth century. On further excavation it was discovered that this was constructed over an already existing foundation of an older building.  There are several more small remains of prehistoric settlements and strongholds from later periods. Many Byzantine sixth century coins have been found together with iron tools and ceramics of Roman type used for roofing,and pottery.  Bauxite has been mined in the area from centuries ago.

It is easy to get to Moun Dajt. There is a good ashphalt road from Tirana and you can also use a five kilometre long  gondola or chairlift cablecar from the outskirts of Tirana to a place called Fusha e Dajtit and walk from there. You will find a selection of good and cheap restaurants there and get a good meat sandwich if you wish.