Lencois Maranhenses National Park Travel Guide

South America

Visit these beautiful natural attractions in this part of the world in Brazil and come to the Lencois Maranhenses National Park and see this beautiful ecosystem that is made up of white coloured sand dunes that spans over an area of 383,000 acres and gives the look of a white bed sheet which is called Lencois in Portuguese. Lying in the northeastern coast this is a beautiful lagoon that is filled with the cool rainwater and is mostly like this in the first six months of the year. This is a place that has a unique kind of landscape and is filled with sights of mangroves, buritis and serene beaches. The buritis is a graceful and elegant palm tree that has made up the main diversity of the River Preguicas.

The park with its length of around 156 miles from the state capital Sao Luis. Lencois Maranhenses has been an area that has been formed over many years and the sand from the riverbeds is found deposited in the river mouths and has been brought back to the continent by the sea currents and winds.

The dunes go as far as 31 miles and stretch along the entire length of the coastline. It is mostly filled with deserted beach spots. The entire region of Lencois Maranhenses national Park is laden with sights of beautiful lagoons. The Lagoa Azul and the Lagoa Bonita are two beautiful areas near the fascinating town of Barreirinhas. The Lagoa Tropical is also a great region which is worth a visit and lies very near the Atins village.

Lencois maranhenses national Park

Then there is Lagoa da Gaivota which is one of the largest and the most beautiful parks in this part of the world. Lying very near the Santo Amaro do Maranho this is a beautiful village that is situated around 60 miles from the region of Barreirinhas.

While you are here in Lencois Maranhenses you should make it a point to ride the sand dunes onboard a jeep and take along with you the experienced guides who come here and who stop for a dip in the beautiful lagoons.

Ride a boat on the River Preguicas and also enjoy the park pleasures here. Then take a long quad ride to Pequenos Lencois. Then there is tubing on the River Formuga which lies in Cardosa. The park can be accessed only under control and there are certified agencies which take the travellers. Neither the villages nor Barreirinhas has any amenities.

Maranho is a beautiful village

The beautiful region around Santo Amaro do Marnahao and the Lagoa da Gaivota can be seen in the lovely Brazilian movies thus making it a popular region. The Lencois Maranhenses is a place that has been existing since the beginning of the 20th century and this national park that is found in the northeastern part of the Brazilian region is a great rare of natural beauty and wonder and is a paradise that is created by the simple ambience. There is a six month long dry season here when there are miles and miles of sand dunes that are formed amidst the green vegetation and the tourists coming here enjoy the beautiful ambience and the humble travel pleasures. There is a place here that is filled with the sights of the best fresh water bodies and has the greatest vegetation that supports a wide diversity of fish, animals and fish.

Anyone who comes to this small remote corner of Brazil is very attractive and this is an appealing region to the tourist and the traveller. There is so much to do in Lencois Maranhenses and all adventure seekers find tours here greatly thrilling and interesting. The travellers also like to take a stroll along the stretches of clear beaches and beautiful waters. There are facilities for bird watching and the memorable pleasures of river cruises on the riverboats are a cherishable experience. Hot deals are available on the best vacation rental websites.

Lencois maranhenses

People also like to come here and watch the sunset and the sight of the wind swept dunes and this provides greatly interesting nostalgia of travels here. There are not many visitors coming to this beautiful verdant paradise but the entire infrastructure of tourism is still such that it is developing and the area is thus brimming with activity always. The rustic locale of Lencois Maranhenses is a place that has facilities for hotels to stay and the idyllic pleasures of the beaches and the villages of Cabure and Mandacuru are an integral part of tours to Lencois Maranhenses.