Kure Beach, North Carolina

Vacation ideas

Kure Beach (pron. Curee) is situated on the southern coast of North Carolina. While it may not be the hot star among beaches in the state, it is certainly a worthwhile beach with a good deal of attractions, plus a lot of peace and quiet. The basic attraction is that the pace of life here is very much on the easy going side. The beach here has a pleasant and serene atmosphere, which is the ideal location to head to if you want to get some down time from the rate race. This is the perfect place to recharge your batteries.

The coast of North Carolina is visited by hundreds of travelers every year, and the basic reason so many people are attracted to this destination is the inviting and tranquil atmosphere. The difficulty in accessibility is another selling point in fact. There are not many facilities and amenities on offer here, nor are huge commercial resorts and hotels, but you will certainly have a relaxing holiday here. There is no dearth of quality here.

Kure beach is a world apart from the run of the mill, over populated and commercial beach resorts. It is not any of these, it is more of a residential beach, with houses lining the beach, and with not much of crowding. There are ample things that you can do to have fun at Kure Beach. There are just enough touristy aspects that make it a fun destination, just not an overload of them. There is the pier, for instance, it is so much fun fishing here, or just hanging about gawking. There are a number of excellent sea food places, where they serve fresh food in a variety of combos. You can take walks at the boardwalk, or hang around on the benches.

There are a whole range of activities you will be able to indulge in at Kure beach. There is a whole range of water sports, starting from swimming, scuba diving, wind surfing, water skiing, snorkeling and a whole range of others. There are walks to be taken on the beach. You can even go exploring on a bike, bikes are available for rent at the beach side. There are a number of trails for bikers and hikers. There is no dearth to quality here.

There are a good number of excellent vacation rentals that are available for holidayers in Kure Beach. These are reasonable as well as quality accommodation options. There are a good number of excellent facilities as well. There are kitchenettes as well included.