Koh Samui Hotels For Budget Travelers


Koh Samui is second in terms of size among islands that belong to Thailand. The island has increased in popularity in the recent times. There are a host of attractions as well as activities on offer for tourists. The island is visited by discerning travelers from all over the world.

The island is also popular with travelers on a budget, as there are a number of budget Koh Samui hotels offering comfortable accommodation as well as a reasonable number of facilities at an affordable price. While choosing a place to stay, make sure that it is a safe location and basic necessities are not scrimped.

You will find quite a few cheaply priced hotels are situated in a number of locations all around the island. There are locations such as the Chaweng area, the Maenam, Bophut Beach as well as Lamai Beach area that are popular with tourists staying on the Island.

Koh Samui

Make sure that you research into what place to stay according to your needs and preferences. The best budget Koh Samui hotels will provide enough facilities as well as a reasonable degree of comfort without having you to shell out big money. There are quite a few pocket friendly options available.

Chaweng Beach is one of the most popular areas in Koh Samui. The location is perfect as it offers a charming beach along with an assortment of activities, mainly water sports. The beach here is really pretty, with pristine white sands and crystal clear waters. You will be able to enjoy a select list of water sports such as swimming, jet skiing, sun bathing, canoeing, swimming and others.

Koh Samui beach

You will find a number of budget KOh Samui Hotels located in the vicinity. The main budget hotels in Chaweng are located some distance from the main beach road that leads to Chaweng. The main budget hotels here are the P Chaweng Guesthouse, Chaweng Centre Point Apartment, Chaweng Center Hotel and more. These are well located at the Chaweng Beach Road and provide easy access to the beach. IT is possible to access the beach via the Chaweng Beach public accessway that leads to the beach. IT is also possible to access the beach through the premises of resorts and bungalows in the way, with permission of course.

Make sure you research deep enough into your options. There are other resorts in other areas of the island, such as Lamuri Buri Resort, Smile House, Jinta Hotel, the Swing Bar & Rich Resort and the Bill Resort.