Diamond Museum of Amsterdam


The Diamond Museum in Amsterdam is a fascinating place to visit. It is situated in close proximity to Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum in Paulus Potterstraat. The tour at the museum begins with a short film which can be seen in either Dutch or English. If you need another language then there are printed versions available in several other languages.

Visitors leave the museum having learnt about the history of diamonds, the polishing procedure and how diamonds evolved to be not just a symbol of wealth but also of beauty and power. It is not a coincidence that the museum is situated in Amsterdam which is one of the main centers for Diamond trade in the world together with London, Antwerp, New York and Johannesburg .

There is a permanent collection which is on display all the time at the museum and there are also temporary collections which are changed throughout the year which means that people will keep on visiting the museum if there is always something new to see.

The tour of the museum includes videos which teach the public about the importance of carat, clarity, carat and cut when evaluating a diamond. There is also a video explaining how to test if a diamond is genuine or not and visitors are given an opportunity to determine whether diamonds are imitation or real. There are also some entertaining video clips depicting famous diamond robberies that have taken place over the years.

There is a display of replicas of 22 world famous diamonds which each have their own unique history and value.

Visitors of the Diamond Museum often mention that it is not only the diamonds that sparkle there as the museum is kept absolutely sparkling clean from top to bottom keeping in tune with the main glistening attractions.

The museum is open daily from 9am till 5pm including the weekends.