Cliffs of Moher


The Moher cliffs were as a result of natural occurrence provide a posh area located in the south of Doolin, Ireland. They rise above the sea levels by about 120 meters on the Atlantic Ocean and reach a maximum height of about 200 feet on to the North, towering near O’Brien, which is a few kilometers away. The cliff’s geographic formation provides spectacular scenery; they have been a notable tourist attraction site given that over million visitors visit the site yearly.

The Moher Cliffs consist primarily of the oldest rocks, which are located near the surface. Lovers of animals and birds will enjoy site seeing given that these cliffs provide a safe haven for many bird and animal species. There are about 30,000 bird species located all over the cliffs, thus a large bird sanctuary. The Moher Cliffs have a lot to offer which makes them Irelands most visited attraction site by both locals and tourists. The Government of Ireland developed the site; this was done with an intension of allowing a safer and greater experience at all times.

The location of the Moher Cliffs is on the hillside this help tourists have an Ariel view, thus a better view of this beautiful scenery. The area also contributes to economic development, and be considered as environmentally sensitive since there are plants for generating power energy, thermal energy, recycling plant and solar panels.

The Moher Cliffs were officially opened about three years ago, though it took a long time preparing it, it brought about some historical topics into the perspective such as the how the Cliffs originated in the area. The cliffs having been located near the waters provide other spectacular scenery being caves that were formed under the water since some part of the cliffs have been submerged in water. Featured school trip tours provide individuals with a lot of informative material and at the same time fun and excitement during such visits to the cliffs. Cliffs of Ruin have won honors from Britain and Ireland in 2007 awards, mainly for their contribution to Economic stability of to the County and for being well maintained. During the awards, the Moher cliff were named as the best site with ideal facilities

Those boarding Ferries can also see these beautiful cliffs from a far. Hence, such spectacular scenery cannot fail to be put under consideration for worlds natural wonders. However, the outcome will be known later this year in November is indeed they cliffs will be named under these wonders. For movie and music productions, the cliffs cannot fail to feature in films owing to these breathtaking sites. Create beautiful memories for your lifetime experiences by seeing these spectacular features.