Chile – The land to be in

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Live Chile if you are in South America. The driest desert in the world lies here and the glacial fields too lie her. Then add some dollops of volcanoes, lakes, beaches, steppe and many islands and voila you have Chile the land to be in during a vacation. The sights here, the warmth of the people and the surroundings beckon you with so much eagerness at being in this land becomes a confusion as you wouldn’t know where to start from and you wouldn’t want to miss a single place too.

The imagination of many a poet has been inspired by the idyllic surroundings of Chile and the place is ideal for a holiday. Many times people tend to neglect Central Chile. The popular attractions of the place lie further south. Central Chile is the best places to be in if you want some tasty wine, genuine cowboys and the arty culture of the ranches with the horsemen and the extremely traditional ways so typical of South America. The place is very good for skiing and Chile has one of the best coastlines in the whole world. Valparaiso is one such unique and special city on the Chile coast. But the tourists often are seen to visit Chile only for the beaches, but this place is beyond beaches. Lot of people come to the Chilean side of the Pacific these days for surfing. Just enter the land and you would be transported to a land of paradise a land of dreams.

The area is very fertile and the central Chilean valley is basically a farming region. Full of vineyards, orchards and cereals, this place extends from the Andean ranges to the coastal ranges. There are lot of copper mines here along the sierra and there is also a port here. Talcahuano is a naval port base and is also an important centre of financial growth of the country.

There are around 75% people living in Central Chile. Santiago is a part of Middle Chile. There are many wildlife reserves in Chile and in Central Chile. The Rio de los Cipreses, the Altos de Lircay, and Siete Tazasare some of the best national wildlife reserves.

This is also the place where you can shop to your heart’s content. The main market has got two sections. One on Maipon and the other on Isabel Riquelme. There is another section on the northern side called the Mercado Central. This has got very cheap eating places and the sight of butchers standing with strings of the spicy salami kind sausage is a regular one here. There are open air stalls which sell the local fresh produce and the basic arts of the region are exhibited here. Enjoy the shopping here as it is Chile unleashed here.

Chile is the land of cowboys so you would get some of the best cowboy outfits here.. Other places give you the regular stuff but cowboy gear is a must buy here in Chile.

Enter the land of Chile and go berserk in travel and shopping.