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Different Types of Serviced Apartments in Phnom Penh 0

Finding an apartment for rent in Phnom Pen is a pretty straightforward operation. See what’s offered, visit it, arrange a lease, sign the lease, and you are done. That’s pretty much how renting is done in the other parts of the world. Continue reading “Different Types of Serviced Apartments in Phnom Penh” »

First Steps in Finding a Hanoi Apartment for Rent 0

Are you moving to Hanoi? There are more things to do before moving there, especially as an ex-pat. It might be challenging enough for someone coming from a smaller town too, but ex-pats need to follow more rules. Assuming that you have already sorted your visa out, there are a few things to take into consideration while looking for an apartment to rent in Hanoi. So, what are your first steps in the process? Continue reading “First Steps in Finding a Hanoi Apartment for Rent” »

Top tips to rent a condo in Selangor 0

Selangor is not only known for its breathtaking landscape but is also known as one of the richest states in Malaysia.  It is a commercial hub with state-of-art infrastructure like excellent roads, highways Continue reading “Top tips to rent a condo in Selangor” »

9 things you need to know before renting a home in Dubai 0

Dubai, the land of exquisite villas, high-rise apartments with state of the art facilities attracts many people to this country. Dubai offers many job opportunities to thousands of people and here their dreams do come true. No wonder it is called as the City of gold, the City of Dreams, and City of skyscrapers… the list is endless. Continue reading “9 things you need to know before renting a home in Dubai” »

Investing in Phuket Properties 0

Phuket has never had it so good and property is booming, despite the temporary set backs of tightened ownership regulations and the uncertainty that followed the coup. But properties in Phuket continue to change hands regularly as international investors and the wealthy increasingly want a piece of Phuket. The days of an undiscovered paradise are long gone and the speculators have come and gone as the market settles. Investors with an eye on the next big thing are better off looking at other islands along this coast, but those with more genuine interests to develop on the back of a robust and maturing infrastructure will find Phuket very agreeable. Continue reading “Investing in Phuket Properties” »